Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am way beyond the point of apologizing for not being around; it's just that I've been knee-deep in the business of life and blogging doesn't fit into that. I've considered starting another blog somewhere else so that I can opine on the state of politics and leave comments off. Another for sports perhaps, leaving this for life happenings. I don't know, but I don't feel the urgency. Lately music has been my thing. Sometimes my focus is on recording, then on singing and playing, other times on improving on the Telecaster and playing killer riffs. Other times I'm just working my butt off at work, trying to be The Man at What I Do so that I can be the last man standing when the company goes through another round of layoffs.

Right now I am in Houston visiting family. It's just Jackson and me right now; mom and Emmett stayed behind to make the trip easier. It's heart-warming what a little separation can do for a family. Jackson and Emmett talk to each other every day on the cell, and we exchange "I miss you" messages back and forth, with the occasional picture attachment.

Here in Houston, my first official act as a cool dad was to upgrade our full-sized car rental to a convertable, which through some haggling with the Hertz agent turned into a rag-top Shelby Cobra. It's gorgeous, and baby does she scream. It's added a whole new dimension to the trip that I never expected. My son and nieces and cousins are loving the looks we get from pedestrians and other motorists as we prowl the streets with the top down.

We'll be home in a couple days. As much as Jackson and I are enjoying ourselves, we are looking forward to sleeping in our own beds again. My mother's side of the family is so spoiled with their big and beautiful homes--and I'm glad that Jackson is getting a taste of what it is like to live the priveleged life (dual shower heads, whirlpool tubs, self-balancing swimming pools, spacious skies and amber waves of grain). They all love me so much and I am truly blessed to have them.

That's about it for now. Just checking in really. I'll stop by and say hi over the coming weeks. Be well.

Oh, I saw the new Star Trek. Call me sentimental, but I loved it. Better than any of the motion pictures except for maybe Wrath of Khan, and even that may have been exceeded. Acting was great, story was great, Uhura was a freaking knock-out, Scotty was out Scottied, Bones was dead-on, Spock was a stud, and Kirk got punked for a change--and the original flavor that made the original series a cult favorite was recreated from Roddenberry's recipe, with a few extra spices sprinkled in.