Thursday, June 30, 2005

Knock Knock

I am fortunate that my boss valued my services enough to retain me as a remote employee when I left California for the east coast. With my two hour roundtrip commute, most of my day was spent away from my wife and children, as any working parent can attest. Working out of the home holds a special advantage in that regard, in that I can watch my children grow.

I heard the truck fire up from the garage and thought the family was pulling out, when I heard the familiar footfalls of my five year old son Jackson clopping up the stairs.

"Daddy! " he gushed with excitement, "I have a good knock knock joke for you! Knock knock."

"Whose there," he answered himself, "Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce go to Chuck E. Cheese!"

"Oh, that was very cute," I chuckled, rubbing his short brown hair, rife with all the same cowlicks as my own.

"Knock knock," he started again.

"Whose there?" I helped this time.

"Let me." He was making one up from scratch. Cute how kids don't really get the subtlety of the knock knock construct.

"Let me who?"

"Let me give daddy a hug and a kiss before I go to Chuck E. Cheese."

And he did.


Mrs.T said...

That was very sweet. Cherish these moments in time!!

Beth said...

Love little kid moments. This was a sweet one.