Friday, January 12, 2007

Quick Update

A quick update.

If you have not watched Friday Night Lights, then I really think you should. Ostensibly, this show is about a small town high school football team -- the coach, his family, the players and their friends and family. But it's about so much more. As with Battlestar Galactica, this show is about drama first; all the rest is just setting. I'm not sure if it got nominated -- my wife thinks not -- and that's a damn shame.

Mr. Schprock is promising to post again, squelching any rumors of his untimely demise.

I'm going to be a soccer coach next season. When I told my dad, he asked, "What do you know about soccer?" Good point. My answer: a hell of a lot more than the guy coaching my son today. It's a funny little society. I told one of the other coaches that I will be doing this, and she told that she already knew. They were desperate she said.

Ahem. My kids will be ready to play, so bring it!

I've figured out why I've been so down at work. I'm a senior guy doing junior work, but I'm taking a stand and doing what I was originally hired to do -- design a new system. They derailed those efforts and have been sabotaging me in meetings with "minor" objections to the designs I have presented for review, causing me major headaches. It's been dragging me down to the point of giving up. Now it's time for the old Scott to step up to the plate and start losing friends and pissing off people. So fuck you Dale Carnegie, I'm doing it my way.

I saw a news story this morning. A lady stands in front of a lions cage and knocks, waking it up from a deep sleep. It rears onto its hind legs, reaches through the bars and wraps its paws around her shoulders and literally kisses her. It was so touching. The affection was so human. The woman, as it turns out, rescued the lion as a cub from starvation and nursed it to health. Wow.

If I ever find a video online, I'll post it. You just have to see it.

*** Update ***
Toni found it on BBC. I can't link it directly, but look to the right of the screen and see the video called "Woman embraced by Lion."
*** Update ***

That's all the news fit for print people.


trinamick said...

That's just the kind of kitty I want. Oh sure, at some point, it might snap and tear my head from my body. But you can't guarantee my tabby won't do that either. ;)

Jada's Gigi said...

something about FNLs bothers me....
You go on and be a soccer your kids ages, you have to be about as good as as other dads who have real jobs...:)

Toni Anderson said...

That lion footage was just gorgeous--I loved it. That big cat gave her the hug of a lifetime it was so beautiful.

Soccer--oh my--what do you think of Becks move? I figure we have to endure (oops) soccer again this spring (assuming we ever get spring). I'll have to teach DS to dribble on the side lines.


Toni Anderson said...

oow oow--it is on the BBC website

magnetbabe said...

Thanks for sharing the video- that was touching. I love big kitties almost as much as the little ones! I'm so happy you decided to coach soccer. I vividly remember your post about subbing that time. You enjoyed it, and you kept it FUN. That's what's important. And give 'em hell at work!!!

amberdusk said...

Thanks for sharing that! it was great. I found it on YouTube:
Good luck with soccer

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

'Embraced' really conjures up a sense of emotional bonding. This is curious.

Shouldn't it read Woman Mauled by Lion?

If you need any tips on beating the offside trap, or playing zonal marking as oppose to man marking, give me a shout.

Beth said...

I'm so behind with all your posts that the quick update was just what I needed. Haha. Kick ass at work and thanks for the kitty vid. My husband's greatest fear is lions. =)

Kathleen said...

Sweet kitty.