Monday, July 21, 2008

Situation Normal

A special thanks to JC for hooking me up with the 411. I thought I was screwed immaculate, but Malwarebytes worked like magic. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Rinse and repeat. Thank you!

When the problem first arose, I did some research and actually saw that Malwarebytes was used by other folks having the same problem, but this virus seems to have evolved, or I didn't install Malwarebytes from the desktop, or both. I'm not sure what the magic combo was.

In order to get Malwarebytes, I downloaded from my wife's laptop and network tranferred the file, but the virus wouldn't let me run the installer. But I was able to run another application mentioned in the solutions of others called Avast. I ran a complete scan with Avast which found one dll infected by the Vundo Trojan virus. Once Avast had taken that out, I could get to the internet again--and I could run Malwarebytes.

A full system scan with Malwarebytes turned up 150 affected files and registry entries. I deleted them all.

And like magic, everything was back to normal.


I spent most of yesterday backing all my personal files to an external hard drive. I also went to Best Buy and bought another computer for personal use. I'm using it now to post here. I am going to try to stay off blogger (which was not responsible for this virus, by the way) while on that machine, and I won't play any games there either. Music will come from this machine as well. Strictly business, that's my motto from now on.

That was close. Too close.


Alan said...

Don't you wish you could pinch the heads of virus writers like the blood-engorged ticks that they are? Why is man so inherently cruel to fellow man? Is it a mental illness? Is it original sin? Or is it a corporate ruse to force us to purchase a product we wouldn't need if they hadn't created the viruses in the first place?

Sometimes I despair of the human race.

Bridget Jones said...

Where did it come from? A game site?

Moni said...

Sorry your computer contracted a virus. But you kicked it's collective arses, that's the important thing. Out damned virus! Out!.


Beth said...

Hey, I wanted to pop over and congratulate you on your HM over at Jason's. I was SO happy when I saw that this morning. I think he's truly legit in the judging field. ;)

Oh, I also downloaded Trillian and it works great, but I don't see you on my line up ... ever and on Yahoo, you're always on. I'm not sure what gives.

Scott said...

Alan - I thought maybe that could make a short story, about a man who hunts down virus makers!

Bridget - I got it from a torrent I downloaded, then I just installed the application without checking (looong story why I didn't). In short, I asked for it--no, begged for it.

Moni - That's the upside, that I was able to beat it. Great to see you!

Beth - I sent you an email about Trillian. As for the contest, I knew you would be stoked for me. It was nice to place for the first time. Of course it involved a small sum of cash paid in unmarked bills to an account in the Caymans, but it was worth it.

J.C. Montgomery said...

Thanks for letting me know how it all turned out...and the info on the Avast product. Luckily I never had to take that route.

You are also VERY welcome. Wow, such thanks. Makes my head swim!

Love your writing...grats on the HM over at Jason's blog.

So happy for you! Have a great week.


Scott said...

JC - I was on the brink of despair. I wasn't bothering with uninstalls, instead I was deleting applications right out of Program Files in preparation for the sending of my box to HQ. I was formulating my excuse for having contracted a virus and was hoping to not lose my job. That I could actually fix it was nothing short of a miracle and a life saver. So yeah, I'm not shy in the least about saying thanks.

And thanks for the congrats on the HM. It is very cool considering how many great entries I had enjoyed--including yours.

Sarah Hina said...

So glad everything is back to normal, Scott. Nothing clamps the cold, clammy hand of fear over our hearts like a computer virus...

And big congrats for placing in Jason's contest! Your entry was fantastic. And thanks for your kind words regarding mine, too. :)

Scott said...

I reread your entry after the announcement, and I was even more impressed than my first go through. The following was very good:

His was the only shadow to darken the sleepy rest stop. The chrome of his wheel reflected a crescent moon.

You could have said something like it was dark and a crescent moon hung in the sky, but you managed so much more and told it with economy and speed. There's a lot of information there. I can see and feel, and damn near smell.

Well deserved victory, Sarah.

Sheri said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I knew, knew, knew you'd win, but I thought you'd place higher. But still, you must feel great!

klgilbert said...

Hi Scott...just wanted to leave you a congratulatory message on your honorable mention in the Clarity contest. Your story was first-rate. For some reason, when I read it, I imagined Bruce Willis on the bike!
Solid writing - and strong right out of the box.
It was good of you to ask if I had a blog...I don't. However, if you're ever hankering for some poetry, drop me a line. I would be happy to send you a few poems or musings now and then.
starry_night51 at
K. Lawson Gilbert

Vesper said...

I know that horrible sinking feeling when you think everything's been lost on your computer. I'm glad you got rid of the virus.

I wanted to congratulate you for the Honourable Mention and thank you again for your wonderful support. Much appreciated! :-)

Scott said...

Sheri - Having participated in so many of Jason's contests, placing at all is a real achievement--so no complaints from this peanut gallery. I really appreciate your support, and I'm glad to you picked you up as a blog friend.

KL - Bruce Willis on a bike... I reread my piece with that in mind, and I know what you mean. That has to be my favorite comment yet. To think I wrote something that drew up his image. Thanks for sharing your info with me. I hope you will decide to start a blog, since it's only a couple clicks away. Folks like Sarah and Jason share their poetry that way and get lots of support. Think about it!

Vesper - Like I said before, you really wrote a nice piece that was one of my favorites. I'm a sci-fi and fantasy lover, but only when it's done right. Yours was like a brick of bullion. I'll let you figure that one out.

Tera said...

I just tried to say Malwarebytes 3 times real fast and was unsuccessful.

magnetbabe said...

Congrats on the contest!

My heart sank for you when I read about the virus. Blech. Glad you got it taken care of without having to divulge your internet habits. ;)

Sarah Hina said...

Wow, thank you, Scott! Thanks to Jason's contests, I've learned to really tighten up my writing, and make as big an impact with as few words possible. He's such a great teacher in that respect.

And I loved the spirit and sentiment of your piece. It managed to be both poignant and still hard-charging. Not an easy feat to pull off. Your last two lines were some of my favorites of the contests.

Awesome. :)

Minnesotablue said...

Congrats on the HM and killing that damn virus