Monday, August 18, 2008

A Biannual Event—A New Post

Lately it seems that my sons are getting along better. Partially this has a lot to do with my youngest, Emmett, getting older and more of a companion and contributor to the fun. Like my little brother, he finds the greatest delight in every silly thing his older brother says—or grunts or screams. It can be a bit maddening.

Some quick highlights.

Friday I took the day off and went with the family to Ogunquit, Maine. I'd never been there before. My wife loves the beach and I don't have much use for it—at least I didn't before Friday. Ever since Garp lost his son to the Under Toad (a child's mispronunciation of under tow), I've had the fear of losing my own children in the same way. The ocean can be harsh. But at the beach in Ogunquit, the shore feeds so gradually into the sea that the grade is barely perceptible. It's a sandbar in fact, such that you can walk in ankle-deep water for at least a hundred yards. The waves were beautiful, so we got boogie boards at tourist prices and went for a romp. I transformed from grumpy old man to old man of the sea. Now I'm thinking about getting a surf board.

This is sorta cute. While I was sweeping the pool yesterday, the kids made water balloons, then got down to their skivvies and went swimming with them. The water balloons all had names. But the one that stood out was Snot Knowledge. No idea where it came from.

My oldest son Jackson is going to start taking guitar lessons. Willingly. Oh. My. God. Pinch me.

I've resigned from the soccer board that I previously belonged to, and have decided not to coach any more. Too much drama was my answer to the question: but why?! Oh, and incidentally, I said, Coachzilla owns the soccer board. But she quit the board, I was told. But she'll be back. When she left you she was but a learner, but when she comes back, she will be the master.

Jackson doesn't want to play anymore and Emmett can't be bothered anyway.

Oh, we saw the new Clone Wars animated movie. Much, much, much better than episodes I through III. They finally ditched Hayden Christenson and got some voice talent. The action rocks and the characters were actually likeable.

I'll stop by and say hi as I get the chance. Football is gearing up and my Boys have a lot of work to do. I'm really excited about Felix Jones.

What? You don't know who Felix Jones is? As Yoda once said, "You will. You wiiillll."


Beth said...

Not more of your football predictions. I feel bad for you when my guys tromp all over them. hahaha

Seriously though, my children both took music lessons. My son still takes drum lessons, but don't get your heart set on anything. Kids have a way of breaking your expectations to pieces.

Scott said...

I said the same about Tony Romo...

Point taken on the music lessons. Honestly I think it probably won't take the first time around, so I have to prepare for it. He's starting to like football though. We went out and bought a junior sized ball this weekend and now he wants to play catch all the time. Life moves on!

Sarah Hina said...

Get surfin', Scott. And have someone take pictures. ;)

I love Snot Knowledge! Kids are such natural writers, and comedians.

I will keep my fingers crossed that Jackson takes to the guitar as much as his old man. That would be a great connection for you two to forge. :)

Toni Anderson said...

Felix who?

I am always very respectful of the sea. But I cannot resist it :)

Minnesotablue said...

Leaving the soccer is a good thing for you. Less stress. And, don't spend to much on a musical instrument. I did that with my son and he never followed up on it. However with your history your son may well love it

Bridget Jones said...

Glad you enjoyed the Maine trip. Have always intended to go there but somehow get distracted.

Felix who?

Alan said...

Snot Knowledge!!! It's like they channeled another universe of humor!

magnetbabe said...

I'm so glad you quit soccer. It was nothing but trouble.

And Snot Knowledge is totally awesome! You must fit that phrase into your next story.

Dixiebelle said...

Sounds like everything is going well for you! Glad you left soccer behind. Have been really busy, too!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

If you liked the clone wars film, there's a really good animated TV series of the same name that is worth checking out.

Beth said...

Yeah, my son played football for one season, the next season he quit. That kind of broke his dad's heart, which I never understood, since my husband is always working and never playing catch with the kid. Oh well.

Jesus, you think soccer parents are nuts, football parents are a completely different breed.

Tee said...

Glad the boys are getting along - that is always incredibly helpful to family harmony. Our boys go back and forth from one day to the next, same way my little sister and I were.

The beach in Maine sounds beautiful. I've never been there and my feelings about the ocean are mixed like you. I was once pulled out in an under tow and my Dad had to come out and bring me back in. It scared me so bad that I never want to go more than a few feet out anymore... Your beach sounds perfect though.

Awesome about the guitar lessons. I hope he sticks with it! I wish I'd have stuck with all the things I once took up (and then dropped) LOL.

Dixie Belle said...

Hey Scott,
Enjoy football!! I remember the days of baseball with my son.
Got some good news. An editor who was judging a contest I finaled in requested my book. This is the outlaw book. LOL!!

Peter said...

I love Ogunquit--one of the few things I miss about living in New England. :)

So...I'm curious to hear what you think of Palin. I know you don't like conservative Christians (though I don't think by any means she's cut from the same cloth as fanatics like Ralph Reed or Pat Robertson). But I could see you really liking her upbringing and personality.

Hope you are doing well.

Scott said...

I don't automatically care what religion a candidate is, as long as that candidate practices that religion on Sunday and doesn't try to impress her beliefs on the citizens whose lives she is safeguarding. It sounds to me like Palin wants to outlaw abortion except for instances when a woman's life is in danger. That's strike one. She dismisses global warming, which is something I know you and I diagree on--that's strike two. And it sounds like she wants to drill in her home state for oil. Sorry. I don't like her. Does that mean I won't vote for her ticket? I'm not sure. I will be looking very close at the other candidates as well. My biggest concern are energy, environment and the economy--in that order. Whosoever wants to drill for more oil while it is running out is not out to solve to problem, only to put it off for another day.