Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gotta Turn it Off

Sunday was the last weekend of football for me. The Cowboys... got... crushed--by the Redskins. That's like getting beat up by your little brother. It shouldn't have happened, but it did. This was the worst ass kicking the Cowboys have taken since... I don't remember when, and frankly I'm burnt out from thinking about it. It's hard being a Cowboys fan, and it has been for nine years or so. I was like an excited puppy at the beginning of the season, so happy that I hardly had bladder control. But today I watched the total self-destruction of a crew that seemed destined for a division title and a deep run into the playoffs. Now, if they make it, and that's a big if, who cares. They were embarassed like a cheerleader whose top flew open, caught on camera like God created her for the world to see, destined to be wallpaper on computer monitors across the America.

I'd be surprised if Bill Parcells returns as the coach next year. He won't be fired; he's just too old for this shit anymore.

Listen all. I've been busy and haven't been around as much. You know the drill, we've all said it, we've all read it, so you can fill in the rest.

It's late and I'm going to bed. I hope to spend some time trawling tomorrow, but I think I am going to be swamped for some time.

Geez I'm tired. Does it show?

Good night.


Toni said...

Hi Scott, Glad to see you're still writing. Somehow I lost your blog and had to find it through Ash. Did you ever send out any of your stories? Drop me an e-mail and let me know how you're doing. Some nice stuff here--you should be sending things out. I know nag, nag, nag. See, I haven't changed. Take care.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Oh those Cowboys. I remember when they were all conquering.

I watch the superbowl every year. It is generally screened about 3 in the morning here, so I always have to take the following day off work.

Eve said...

I turned it off in the third quarter - 'nuff said.

mr. schprock said...

The Patriots used to have Bill Parcells, Drew Bledsoe and Terry Glenn. Then, one by one, they all left. Then the Patriots won three world championships in four years.

Funny how it worked out that way.

Jada's Gigi said...

Sorry 'bout them Cowboys....Eagles fan myself(don't hold it against me too much, I've known about your Cowboy affiliation for some time and I still stop by :))...Now that just says it all for this year doesn't it???

Scott said...

Toni - It's so good to hear from you Toni. I haven't sent anything out yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. I don't want to yet, not until I get more on paper, so that if anyone asks, yes, there is more. I'll hit you with an email later.

Toast - The conquering days are over.

Eve - First half for me.

Mr. Schprock - Were the Patriots even a team in the NFL before Bill Parcells took over as head coach? I can't remember. Bledsoe may not have won any of those championships, but you wouldn't even have gone to the first one if it weren't for Bledsoe stepping in for an injured Brady and winning that game--in style. Parcells built that team, so you suprised me a little. I would think Patriots fans would be somewhat grateful to him for turning a team around in short order that was little more than what the Texans are today. As for Bledsoe in Dallas, he has been amazing. Same with Glenn. The problem is the offensive line, that allowed Bledsoe to be sacked something like seven times yesterday, four from one defensive end whose name nobody has ever heard before. I'm grateful for Parcells, Bledsoe and Glenn.

By the way, the reply sounds a little snippy, but it wasn't intended that way.

Gigi - Ooof! Eagles fan? That's ok. The Eagles have dismantled us for years, and if McNabb were playing healthy, they would have done the same this year. I hate the Eagles, but in a, er, healthy way.

Kathleen said...

Puhleeze! You want tough, be a Lions fan! No complaining allowed otherwise! ;-)

mr. schprock said...

"By the way, the reply sounds a little snippy, but it wasn't intended that way."

Oh, no, I didn't take it that way — I just hope you understand I was trying to be funny — a good-natured razzing is all.

Bill Parcells, BTW, left a bad taste in most Patriot's fans' mouths when he abruptly departed after a very depressing Superbowl defeat. And, although I liked Drew, it always seemed he was still learning, never quite living up to his potential. Then, one day, Tom Brady stepped in and everything worked.

Terry Glenn was a classic "cancer in the clubhouse." I'm glad for you that he seems to be working out in Dallas, because he was a walking soap opera here.

The Zombieslayer said...

Dude, at least you're not a Packers fan. :(

Scott said...

Kathleen - Well, I think Daryl Hannah said it in Wall Street, "It's far worse to have money and lose it than to have never had it at all." That was a harsh quote, and I mean all respect to all other NFL teams, but there are a few teams that have come to symbolize winning: The Patriots of late, the old Forty Niners, the old Steelers, and the Cowboys of the 70's and 90's. You can throw other teams in there too, but my point is, I've ridden some pretty high crests only to be bludgeoned on the rocks.

Mr. Schprock - Yeah, I didn't quite take it that way, although it's pretty obvious when I think about it. I'm a little shell shocked still, perhaps suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The media has not given up any love for the boys all year, but after this game I'm thinking they knew what they were not talking about.

Zombie - Yeah, the Packers. Sigh. How long do you think it will take for them to turn it around? I really hate to see good teams lose face, like an aging boxer. Sad.

Eve said...

Parcells pointed out yesterday that he told us at the beginning of the season that this was a young team and not to expect much - so it's really our fault that we got our hopes up. Bledsoe has been amazing - thanks for "standing" up for him. No Cowboys quarterback since Aikman has as good stats as he has. Next year - and hey, we're not totally out of the wild card running. Didn't read The Island post because I'm thinking about watching it - I also have to wait until things are out on DVD before I can see them.