Friday, December 02, 2005

Robert Gregory Browne

I found a new blog from a new novelist, Robert Gregory Browne, who just got a two-book deal from St. Martin's Press. His book, A Measure of Darkness, comes out in 2007. He details the whole process from the beginning, how he managed to get his story in the right hands, the acceptance from the publisher, getting assigned an editor, etc. Reading it I get a bit of a vicarious rush. St. Martins publishes one of my favorite authors, Wilbur Smith. A Measure of Darkness is a cop thriller that has a supernatural twist. Although none of my writing so far, at least on this blog, has ever attempted it, this is the kind of writing that seems to interest me most.

I remember watching an episode of Six Feet Under. Nate's wife was murdered the previous season. He was jogging when a dog captures his attention, beckoning with its eyes for Nate to follow, which he does. The dog leads him to a psychic, who tells him that his wife is trying to reach him. It sent chills through my spine. The show isn't about supernatural activity, but once in a while something unexplained happens like this.

Wilbur Smith wrote a book that just floored me called the Sunbird. I won't explain the story in detail, but the first half is about the discovery of an ancient civilization that had almost been wiped from existence. The second half goes back in time and details its fate. The principal characters in present day, the discovering archaeologists, are reincarnations of the principal characters of long ago. One of old characters communed with the God Baal, and was able to draw from him some magic. It was a tragedy worthy of Shakespeare, and a gripping read.

Anyway, best of luck to Mr. Browne, whose career has certainly begun in earnest. As for me, it's time to get serious and join the party.


mr. schprock said...

I bookmarked it, Scott. Thanks for the link.

Eve said...

Been meaning to get to this site. Guess I'd better do it.

Miranda said...

Since you recommended it, I'll read it!

The Zombieslayer said...

Cool. I'd actually like to read more about the process of getting things published. My wife wrote a novel earlier this year and I edited it. That's how I know about editing.

I'll definitely have to read his blog.

As for Six Feet Under, we caught about three months work of it and I really liked that show. We had HBO in the motel we were living in while looking for a house, then waiting for it to close.

I don't think I caught that episode though.

Shesawriter said...

I just visited that blog. It's chock-full of info and great stuff to read. Thanks for the recommend.


Sadie Lou said...

Oh my goodness Miranda, where have you been?

You should give a detailed account of your progress in writing--like a writer's journal?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I too get told I should write a book.

Blog entries are one thing.

A whole book?


Scott said...

Mr. Schprock - You're welcome. I think you'll appreciate it.

Eve - I got this from your blog. I forgot about the credit thing.

Miranda - It's good to see you around Miranda. I'll check in later.

Zombie - SFU is one of the best dramas on television. I'm glad you liked it.

Tanya - Yeah, you especially will get something from this.

Sadie - If I ever make any progress I'll be sure to report.

Toast - Yes, a whole book. Get cracking.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Thanks for the plug, Scott.

Scott said...

I'm honored that you stopped by Robert. Best of luck with your book, and if you have a book signing in the Boston area, you can count on me!