Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mark It Down

It's been one hell of a weekend.

In a good way.

This isn't a football post, but every Thanksgiving I am lucky to watch my favorite team since the days of Stauback and Dorsett play the great game of football. And let me be a tremendous Homer and say that this is the beginning of a new Cowboy's era.

Mark that down. 2006: the start of a new era.

And write this down: Tony Romo will eclipse Troy Aikman as the next and possibly greatest of Cowboy's quarterbacks. And despite your team affiliation, I will be so bold as to say, that means being the greatest of any quarterback period. The position of quarterback on the Dallas Cowboys is the marquis position in all of sports.

Want to be there when it all began? Tune in this Sunday in the Meadowlands and watch the rise of a legend.

Tony Romo.

Mark that down.

Oh, to hell with it. This is a football post. I'll tell you about my weekend later. But it's been a good one.


Bailey Stewart said...

Amen. But I have a soft spot for Troy, so I'll have to think about the eclipse thing (which has nothing to do with football *sigh*).

Go 'Boys!

Jada's Gigi said...

Oh we go with the Cowboy was a depressing football week at our house...except that the Gators (as in Florida) won...:)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

My favourite Quarterbacks have to be Montana, Marino and Kelly.

But don't get me wrong, Aikman is the Cowboy's best.

So far

Scott said...

Bailey - Me too. It would be a special qb that supplants Troy.

Cheryl - Not worship, but definitely jubilation.

Toast - Actually, I have to call Staubach that best QB Dallas has had so far, though Troy was a definitely up there. If I had to list my favorites of all time in order, I would say Staubach, Montana, Aikman, Bradshaw, Young, Fouts, Ken Anderson. The latter two--you just had to see them play each other to know what I'm talking about.

I reserve the right to change it, but Kelley didn't have the stuff to win through, and neither did Marino.

Montana might be at the forefront of that list, but I give the nod to Staubach. Both were uncanny winners, the kind that could come from behind. The kind that scared the other side with under a minute and eighty yards to score with no timeouts left.

Kathleen said...

Oh heck, a football post. I actually know who Tony Romo is, though, because I had the elliptical machine in front of the ESPN TV yesterday. ;-) They were comparing him to Jim Plunkett.