Friday, June 01, 2007

Entrepeneurial Spirit

This has been my week between jobs. Last week I said goodbye to my old company, and I felt a pull. The pull of self doubt. Pull is actually a weak word -- tug perhaps is more appropriate. But this week I find myself completely at ease. The people I thought I would miss so much, let's just say not so much. This isn't my first rodeo cowboys and girls.

I know these lyrics by heart:
I've been in and out of love and in between
And now we play the final showdown scene
As the credits roll the sad song starts to play
And this is where the Cowboys rides away.

Into the city named for the man who defeated Santa Ana after the massacre at the Alamo. Did you know that Santa Ana went into exile in Cuba after that? And that he was brought back by the Americans on the condition that he rally popular Mexican opinion on the side of America in the southern Texan border dispute, thirteen years before the Civil War? He was given troops, and then he marched against us.

I had no idea.

Thank you Jeff Shaara for making it so interesting.

Ah, so, like I was saying...

I'm flying to Michigan to meet up with my new employer on Sunday. My wife asks me if I'm sure this company is legit; I say I guess so. How do you know they aren't organ harvesters?

My son (two weeks ago?) got paid thirteen dollars for a back rub at school. He's in first grade (to give you perspective). Keep in mind that we had to piece this all together and pay a visit to the school principal.

It all started with a note from the teacher reporting that my son was inappropriately touching a girl in his class.

Now I don't know what races through your mind when you hear (or read as it were) such a statement, but head was spinning. He wasn't much use under interrogation. Funny, but he was not unlike Bill Clinton, deftly dodging the questions, not really answering, or playing along with the scenerios I posed, that kind of thing. Then it was useless to keep asking.

Then I saw the money in his Pokemon wallet. I said Where did you get that money? He says her name. For what? Rubbing her back. I think, I thought you said it was an accident. But then I think, No, I suggested that it was an accident and he played along.

I go downstairs and tell my wife. I'm calling her parents, I say. I can't have them thinking that we would keep it. No, my wife says, Let's talk to the principal.

Next morning I'm in the front office. He's a fuzzy little man, a pip squeak, the kind that always got picked last. I interrupt the coffee talk he's having with the secretaries, or whatever they call themselves these days.

We go into a side office and slide him the money and explain.

He laughs, says What kid would turn down money? I laugh too, say, I have to admit, I admire his entrepeneurial spirit. But where did the girl get all that money?

He scratches his head, says I'd better check and see if she still has her field trip money.


Alan said...

"How do you know they aren't organ harvesters?"

HAA-haa!! Your wife said that or you?

Props to the pipsqueak principal who had a sense of humor! And props to your kid, who seems destined for a nice healthy, hetero future, especially if he's so good the ladies are willing to PAY for it!

Way to go, Dads! :))

(BTW, I respelled my blog. It was a legit mistake. "Reedemable, Redeemable...whatever. Sue me. ;))


Jaye Wells said...

Ha, that's hilarious. Little boys these days are totally at the mercy of little female vixens. That's why I'm encouraging my four-year-old's current aversion to girls.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, mortifying and hilarious at the same time. He's one to watch. :)

Also, that's an interesting approach girls are using these days.

trinamick said...

We used to pay the boys in our class to push us on the swings. Little did we know we could have just worn dresses.

mr. schprock said...

If your son comes home with dollar bills tucked into the waistband of his pants, go talk to the principal again. Or hire an agent.

Beth said...

Oh my gosh, back massage? Hilarious! That gal sounds desperate.

Kathleen said...

Michigan? Where in Michigan??? When are you coming? I ask, because you might know that I live in Michigan.

Toni Anderson said...

That is so funny :)

My first grader had her dress pulled up in assembly today--by another girl. She was absolutely mortified but thankfully she was wearing her good knickers and the other wee girl (with one of the 'A' problems) got put outside in the corridor to work all afternoon and a red card (don't ask, must be a French thing;)).

So--$13 huh? pretty impressive :)
Good luck in Michigan.

The Zombieslayer said...

$13 for a backrub? The kid's an entrepreneur. He'll be rich someday.

Those school people are commies. Inappropriate touching? They're probably jealous.

Jada's Gigi said...

OMG!! what a story! I just wonder which one thought of it first...:) Hope your new job is great!

Kaycie said...

I just spent some time in the principal's office myself recently. My son was speaking inappropriately to a little girl. After she kicked him and laughed about it. We got a lecture about the difference between "tattling" and "telling".

Your trip to the principal was much more fun and interesting than mine!

Tee said...

I enjoyed the history lesson.

As for your son - I'm glad you got that all straightened out. At first glance it's funny but I'm wondering about the girl.

I mean, it was her idea. Where would she get such an idea?? ... Maybe I'm a little quick to judge but I would have her questioned about molestation. I can imagine an uncle or something saying they'd give her money for a "massage" - and she is just re-enacting it.

Maybe it's more innocent but these days you never know. SIGH.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Check out your lothario child!

Sounds like he's pimpin'.

'back rub' indeed. He'll be packing a 9mm and spinning rims on his go-kart before you know it.