Friday, June 08, 2007

A Vision

At the airport in Detroit, I met the two guys with whom I will be working, assuming I like the job and they like the code I produce, for the next several months or even years. The guys both work remotely for the company, and have been for six plus years apiece. So we all met at the airport and went to Enterprise together to pick up our cars.

Individually we were responsible up front for charging for our own accommodations, including the car. I got the smallest compact, but as I was being escorted to it, the man said to me, For seven dollars more a day you can be driving a Mustang--how would you like this black one?

One look and I said gleefully, I accept!

But first I had to talk the guys into doing the same, which they did.

So already I was taking advantage of my new employer, but so were the incumbents.

I met up with Kathleen as well, after asking the wife for permission. I thought about just doing it and saying nothing, but how would that have looked, huh? I called Mr. Schprock for advice on the matter, we being two bloggers who have met and have an interest in meeting our fellow bloggers when opportunities like this arise. Be up front about it, he advised, supporting the decision I had already made. My wife was really cool about it.

By the way, Kat is super cool!

I was the new guy, that's for sure. I'm used to being the center of attention because I'm so fucking funny, but I had to take a back seat on this trip. The guy I'm working for is a story teller just like me, and I squelched the urge to offer counters to his stories at a company dinner. A little voice told me to keep my mouth shut. I've heard that voice before, and though I rarely listen to it, it has never been wrong.

I managed to get some reading done on the trip. And I worked on the dreaded outline for my story. Lo and behold, it produced positive results. I might actually have most of the story worked out from beginning to end. Not totally, but in essence it's there. In two weeks I'll present it to my writers group and see if they don't think so too.

I met out with my writing mentor last evening for a few drinks. We bounced around Lowell and hit three pubs. He's a university professor, and knows almost everyone there. He's got the gift for gab, and really draws others into a conversation. Our waitress at the last stop was, how should I put this, out of this world. My mentor asked her a question and she broke into a long animated talk about her future ambitions with nursing, dancing, etc. I barely heard a word of it because I was too busy watching her mouth form the words. She had perfect everything, and was so unpretentious and sweet. She reminded me of the kind of girl I had a crush on in college, the kind that dated presidents of the best fraternities. I was also reminded of Rachel Smith, our Miss USA that fell down and popped back up and went back to work like there was nothing to it.

I'm married, so don't get the wrong idea. She was a vision, and so is my wife.


Jada's Gigi said...

good thing you added that last sentence....:) and don;t you forget it! lol

Kathleen said...

You're sweet. I wasn't super cool, as I worried all the way home that you were regretting agreeing to meet up with me.

Alan said...

Want to see the wife! Always want to see the wives, and the husbands for that matter. (Thanks Magnetbabe!)

Want to see Scott and The Wife, preferably in a Warrior and His Maid embrace!

Aww, go on, ya know ya want to!

Continued luck and success!

Bhaswati said...

You didn't have to add that last bit, Scott. We know. :-)

And good writers must have a fine knack for observation anyway. So you are fine.

Toni Anderson said...

Yes--we knew :)

I think appreciating beauty is fine, although there is a beer commercial on the telly that I hate where the guy is ogling the waitress with his date/wife there. That makes me want to smack him over the head with his stupid beer :)

But seeing beauty is a skill--it isn't always the young and pretty or male and powerful, it can be a kid, an old lady. Just knowing what you are seeing is a gift.

And well done keeping quiet with the boss :D

Dixie Belle said...

If you ever make it down South, you'll have to meet up with me and Janie. And, since we're probably old enough to be your momma, you don't have anything to worry about when it comes to your wife. LOL

Alan said...

Tch, whatever ladies! I wanna see Scott's hot wife!


No, really! I want to see what Scott held out for--because in my opinion, (and your guys' too, I betcha) he's quite a catch. He could have had more than dozens!

(Stay humble buddy!)

onipar said...

Sounds like a helluva trip.

Nothing like taking the new company for a few extra bucks. Nicely done.

I am envious. You have both a writing group and a writing mentor.

Scott said...

Cheryl - How can I?

Kat - If you are talking about our little political spat, that just goes with the territory. Not exactly the kind of subject to bring up when first meeting someone. And that was on me. I was very pleased to meet you.

Alan - I go back and forth about showing my family on this blog. I probably will someday. Right now I'm just not comfortable with it.

Bhaswati - Thanks. I agree about the observation bit. It was more than schoolboy hormones that had me looking at her in fine detail. She was a character inspiration.

Toni - I don't think I was ogling, although she is such a pretty girl that it's hard to feel cool in her presence without feeling like I was doing so. And I do see beauty everywhere I look. Sometimes with people that don't think they have anything to offer.

Dixie - That would be my first idea crossing the border to your state. Believe me!

Tony (oni) - Hey, I thought you were dead! Seriously, good to see you. And I understand you envy on this particular thing. It's taken me a long time to be in this situation, and a lot of luck.

mr. schprock said...

Oh, Kathleen, I just know you're super cool. And just so everyone knows it, Scott's wife is a hottie.

Glad to hear things have started off well with the new job. And I am extremely glad to hear the fires are still burning to write that book. You're serious, and I admire that.

onipar said...

Actually, I thought I was dead for a while there too.

Nope still around. And with the summer months, I have lots of projects going on, including a new novel. So the blog should be updated frequently again.

benjibopper said...

do we get to see the story you're working on when it's complete?

Alan said...

Okay ... sorry! Pressure withdrawn. :)

Beth said...

Scott, you are making the blogger rounds, my man. And checking out waitresses to boot. I hope your wife doesn't read your blog, I'd be so pissed by what you wrote concerning the waitress, I'd kick you out of bed for at least a year. LOL

Cormac McCarthy was on Oprah and she asked if he outlined books, if he knew how they would end, he said that would be death. That's how I feel. I would love to know how mine end, but then again, I might be disappointed. Haha.