Friday, September 21, 2007

Novel Research

I'm at the end of a development cycle at work. Tonight they lock down all the work we've been doing so the quality assurance people can make sure it all works with the intention of releasing it to the public. This is when my job gets hairy and scary.

I enjoy my job, but have I ever been so scarce as I have been for the last three or four months?

Just to let you know, I am trying out a new concept. I started a blog where I pose questions for professional people to answer. Right now I am searching out policemen, especially policement from the Houston, Texas area, where my work-in-progress ( WIP for those in the know ) is based. It's funny, but the wording of some of my questions is so poor that I'm afraid anyone who does stop by won't believe I can actually pull off a novel length work. I'll just have to edit when I get the chance. I've already got one lead on a Houston policeman, and I've emailed him to stop by. We'll see. This is a bit over my comfort zone, to approach strangers asking for favors. I feel like a poser for one thing, like I'm actually a novelist. I would feel better with one piece of work under my belt. But building a house starts a shovelful of dirt in an empty field.

I'm also storing my links there. One such link came from Jaye over at Jaye's Blahg, which contains references to character naming resources. You can get lost in link-land once you get started. It's fascinating.

I have about ten posting ideas, but I want to spend the proper time with them. I hope to make a round of visits soon.


Alan said...

How else do you begin to be a novelist, except simply act like one? You're only a poser if you haven't ever written anything. :-)

And, the more scarce you become, the more increase in value your entries become. lol!

I was actually going to comment on your last entry until I discovered this one here, today.

I wanted to tell you that I mentioned you to my therapist yesterday because your life and example continues to inform the decisions I'm making for my own future. I found that admire you more now than I have at any time and deeply appreciate who you are.

BTW, here comes our birthdays! You've got a lot to be proud of--I wish you the best of the Happiest of them.

Jaye Wells said...

Cool idea. I use that naming link all the time. It's the best resource I've ever seen for that. But you're right, it's easy to get lost in there.

Beth said...

Sounds like a brave adventure, Scott. Or like the cart trying to pull the horse, either one. :P

Shesawriter said...

That's a great idea. I need to get some info from Doctors and EMTs. Maybe I'll do the same thing.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I think it's important o immerse oneself fully in the depths of what one wishes to write about.

You can't become a scuba diver without getting in the water.

Tee said...

I love keeping blogs for organizing links and stuff.

I would feel like a poser, too - but I guess you just have to suck it up and pretend you're confidant about it. Eventually the bravado will turn into real confidence, with experience.

Remember, even the most successful writers started where you're at.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, just what I need, to get lost in Link-Land, but I did go look!

What time is your best time to chat online. Let me know. Janie

Toni Anderson said...

Very good idea Scott, I like it :) and there is a great email loop at crimescenewriter at

where you can ask professionals questions.

Shesawriter said...

Hey Scott!

Where the heck are you, dude? I miss you.



Moni said...

That's a really good idea for a blog, and this is to help you with you Novel research? Gotta say it...a novel idea! lol Okay, I'll stop. :)

Beth said...

Come up for air yet? Give me an update soon. (by blog, e-mail, PM) Haven't seen you in a couple weeks.