Friday, October 12, 2007

Kinda Tagged

You can pop over to MagnetBabe's blog for a more in depth description of what this meme is all about. Basically this is a trail that leads back to the originator of this meme. Each blogger has picked and linked his or her three favorites posts and included the preceding chain of bloggers and blogger links.

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Hard To Want - Knock Knock, Off to College, Sorry Darin.

So in selecting mine, which at the time of writing this sentence I have not done, my dilemma is to settle upon what flavor of writing I wish to share. In the beginning I used my readers as remote therapists, then moved on to memoirs of my childhood; sprinkled along the way were cute stories about my kids. So I suppose the way to go is to choose an example of each.

So here goes.

This goes way back to my early days of living in Massachusetts, having recently moved here from California. I was just starting into my routine of working at home. Jackson, then only five years old, told me the cutest Knock Knock joke. And coincidentally, I called it Knock Knock.

As far as memoirs go, there are quite a few to choose from. This was a difficult decision. I see that I only had three comments on this post, and some of my others had plus-twenty, but this is a story I like to tell to anyone who will listen. It's from my college days, which resembled the old west because of the constant threat of getting my butt kicked. And that was the thrill of it. It's called Off to College.

My last is a confession of blatant cowardice when I was in sixth grade. I was mortified of the paddle, which was used liberally in our school system as a means of correcting behavior. If a teacher ever touches my kids in a rough way, I will personally show up in the classroom, drag the teacher by the hair to the nearest restroom and shove his or her face down a dirty toilet and flush. But in those days it was acceptable, and even encouraged by parents, especially mine. I had a hard time writing this post. It was my very first, and it shames me to this day. It's an apology to my best friend at the time, someone I don't know anymore. It's called Sorry Darin.

As for who to tag, that's a tough one. This is best for bloggers that tell the occasional yarn about their life, or just have some real knee-slappers once in a while. Trina hits on all cylinders, as does Mr. Schprock (hint, On God). Trevor is just not normal, and Jaye is a bit whacked as well. Beth (hint, your first "experience") should try this as well. Dig into your archives and choose well, my friends. All of you have some tough decisions to make, should you accept this mission.


magnetbabe said...

Looking at the dates, I can see you dug deep for those gems! Great choices, I had almost forgotten how raw your writing can be.

It really doesn't matter how many comments a post gets, I know you know this despite the fact that you mentioned it. It's actually quite good of you to pick out posts that many of your newer readers haven't read. They were even before my time, which I think was not too long after that (I want to say July or August of 2005?). The number of comments is more a function of who happens to visit your blog on a given day than the worth of your writing, which these posts demonstrate is top notch. Thanks for humoring me, hope I didn't put too much guilt on you!

Beth said...

I was tagged by Fermicat as well so I'm double-tagged. I'm still only picking three though. I'm picking one you said and one Schprock told me should be published and for the third, I have no idea. I'll just do a random thing. Now I'm looking at the three you picked.

Also, I think some of my best posts have received the lowest number of comments. Best as in ... I'm sharing good news or whatnot. Happy, positive stuff. I do that rarely. Haha.

Alan said...

Hey, Scott, forget that!

Happy Birthday instead! ;)

trinamick said...

Wow, such pressure! I'll have to be getting some suggestions, methinks.

Jaye Wells said...

Wow, you sure know how to butter a girl up there, Scott. I'll do this next week.

dr sardonicus said...

I've wandered through here a few times, but haven't left a comment. Allow me to compliment you on some excellent writing.

Shesawriter said...

Hey Scott,

I agree with magnetbabe. Comments on posts aren't an indicator of anything. And it's good to revisit the really old posts because the blogging community is so fluid, many folks may not have even read this.

It's great to "see" you again, dude. :-)


fermicat said...

All three... excellent! I'm glad I tagged Natalie, who had the sense to tag you. :-)

Dixie Belle said...

Scott, you need to change blog colors. I could barely read the print. Hope you are hanging in there with your writing!

Beth said...

Scott, I did the meme, but I think I screwed up my links. What the heck did I do wrong? =/

Tee said...

That's a cool meme I haven't seen before. Ironically enough, I just came over here to let you know you've been tagged :)

It's a meme about the 10 Fictional literary Characters you would make out with... Weird, fun and a bit naughty. LOL... Mostly women have done this meme so I'd be curious to see which book babes you pick. (If you decide to do it.)

BTW - The background color of your blog is a bit dark and makes it hard to read the text... Sorry for the unsolicited advice. You can tell me to shove off :D

Scott said...

Not a lot of time as usual, but thanks for the compliments and the unsolicited advice. I hated the colors too, but haven't had any time to fix it right. There is no such thing as time any more. I lightened it up to a cream color.

Tee said...

Scott, my eyes thank you ;)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

The story about Darin was great. It seems that you learned a great lesson that day.

Dixie Belle said...

It's much easier on the eye now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

I did a response, although I broke the meme rules a bit. Hey, usually I don't respond at all

Jenn said...

You said knee-slappers!!

And this was a great post. Oh how I've missed it here!

Toni Anderson said...

Happy Halloween!!

Alan said...

Miss you, bud. Hope all's well!