Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh the Weather outside is Frightful

Our driveway is a solid sheet of black ice, and there was a run on the local hardware store. Think Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life. Instead of a bank and a pathetic stack of money, it was Aubuchon Hardware and a palette of salt. I bought the last four bags and thought I would fight my way back to the truck.

We are low on food. Oh sure, we have boxes of Mac & Cheese, microwave popcorn, pb&j and lots of bread. But nothing to eat. Yesterday we decided to lump it. Wait out the storm; let the sun come out and set us free. We were good with that. Good that is until the television blinked out.

First my uniform: snow pants, winter coat, Elmer Fudd hat with macho ear flaps, Darth Vader gloves. Last bag of salt, next-to-last bag of sand, show blower, shovel--the works. Half hour later, wipers thumping, freezing rain, we're slogging our way to New Hampshire. Ice storm or no we are not paying taxes for a major purchase. Costco. Philips forty-two inch plasma flat-screen. Just enough room on the credit card. McDonalds drive-thru. Home again. Will it fit in the entertainment center? I measure, cross-check the width as reported on the box. No—Khaaaaan! Wait, that's the box width, not the unit. The reality? One inch to spare. I hook it up.

Sweet Lord! Football has transformed into a wide screen religious experience.

Half time already. Dallas down seven-three to the Eagles. Romo not playing like himself. Already with two interceptions. Wait! Is that Jessica Simpson in the stands? I holler, "Yoko!"

Game over—oh well. It's only one game. Hey, we're twelve and two. Nothing to sneeze at. Move on. I'm over it.

But I do think about deleting my last two football posts.


Sarah Hina said...

LOL, Scott! Sorry about the loss, but at least you saw could watch every disappointing pixel.

I don't know that I could handle that big of a Jessica Simpson, though...


Bailey Stewart said...

He hurt his thumb and lost his center, you know, a different guy tossing you the ball can throw you off. Hopefully, both Gerarde (I am not going to try to spell it correctly) and Romo's thumb will be better by next week.

Shesawriter said...

I hate football. Hate. Hate. Hate. But mac and cheese and PB&J I love. :-)

Toni Anderson said...

LOL--don't tell my hubby he'll want one too. You know, the black ice is the worst--worse than -20C (not -30 though)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Philly managed that. We've given up on them here. (Well, at least I have. Not a huge football fan. The Flyers are another matter.)

Hope the digging out wasn't too hard.

Beth said...

I saw the whole Jessica Simpson thing and thought of you INSTANTLY. I was like, "Hmm, wonder how Scott will brag about Romo and his boys this week?" Hehehe.

Why can't we send a dumb blonde over to distract Brady during the games? Damn it!

Tee/Tracy said...

Congrats on the new TV. Carlos loves his flat screen.

I just heard about the Jessica Simpson curse for the first time this morning so was glad I got that reference. Yoko. LOL.