Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Yoko Reference Was My Own

Just a quick note to say, that in my previous post, I referred to Jessica Simpson as Yoko Ono, the notorious femme fatale credited with breaking up the Beatles. Well, as it turns out, that reference was made by at least one other Cowboys blogger the day before.

In the interest of deflecting any plagiaristic accusations, I came up with that on my own. After the game, I didn't read about the game, stayed away from the blogs and sports shows, so I had no outside influences. Not that anyone would notice or care. This isn't a football blog, and nobody but Bailey comes here to read about the Cowboys (but I'm glad she does!).

And as they say in Mexico, hay no comparison!

As it turns out, hating on Jessica Simpson has become a sport after the collapse of the Cowboys versus the Eagles. In light of that, I retract my comment. At least in my case, it was a total joke--but an original one, and one that didn't require a whole lot of imagination.

It's easy to blame the presence of a woman. Not just any woman, mind you. Simpson is to hot what a blazing super nova is to a lighted match. I get it. But if Tony Romo is incapable of playing football from here on out because his sexual diving rod is pointed true north, then don't blame Jessica Simpson. You might as well blame it on Rio. It's the player that needs to step it up, and he will. Just hopefully this year.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting. It's been all over Dallas sports talk radio here. They have been saying it for about the same amount of time


Sarah Hina said...

I think I'm going to throw up.


mr. schprock said...

Prediction: 100 years from now, John Lennon will be remembered simply as the guy married to Yoko Ono, whose genius will be discovered by a future generation.

onipar... said...

Since I'm not much of a sports fan, i have no idea what you're talking about. :-)

Actually, I don't really follow celebrity news either, so I'm doubly confused. But I do appreciate the Yoko reference.

Alan said...

Puh-LEEZE. You're the only account I've read about the game, let alone the Jessica, and believe me when I tell you ... there was no doubt of its originality in my mind. It was Vintage Scott.

But now you know that your genius is marketable.

"The Zeitgeist is strong in this one!"

Meanwhile, I can't help but have a little sympathy for the lil' honey. I'm sure she wanted a publicity coup to come from a high profile boyfriend, and help her win back the hearts of the people that she and Nick pulled an okey-doke by hooking them into their "reality" show.

Next the the word "backfire" in the dictionary is going to be her picture.

Bailey Stewart said...

Yep, that's all I'm hearing on the radio here. Jessica, Jessica, Jessica - I think I'm going to throw up.

They'll come back Saturday - although without Roy Williams.

And I come here for other reasons than to read about the 'Boys. Really.

I thought about you today while I was out and about. Kept seeing these NFC East Champion t-shirts.

Scott said...

Edge - Yeah, I've been seeing it on the blogs, which made me a little embarassed when I saw the Yoko reference. Kind of like going to school with the same outfit as someone else.

Sarah - Tell you what, you stick to E. E. Cummings, and I'll uh, you know, with Jessica. Wait, I'm married... You know what I mean.

Mr. Schprock - This goes into the vault of classic Schprock comments.

Oni - But it is still nice to see that you dropped in!

Alan - Aw shucks. Thanks. And that's a great way to think about it. I had a journalistic thought.

Bailey - Of course! I didn't mean to imply that was the only reason you dropped by. I heard about Roy Williams. I'm not necessarily hating the idea though. No disrespect, but I really don't mind seeing how some of our corner prospects like Courtney Brown and Alan Ball (?) play without him around. Hamlin will man his spot, and one of our youngsters will take over at free safety. We might be pleasantly surprised at what we see.

Sarah Hina said...


I'm actually all right with Jessica. I was talking about Tony Romo.


Dixie Belle said...

Hope the weather is better up your way!

Shesawriter said...

Men have been blaming women since Adam bit the freaking apple.


GOD: "Adam, who said you were nekkid? Did you eat from that tree I told you to stay away from?"

Adam: "The woman you sent to be with me ... she gave me the fruit from the tree..."

So not only does he blame Eve, he attempts to blame God for giving her to him in the first place. LOL!

And another thing that bothers me... (since I'm already off on a wild tangent) is the clothing issue in some countries...

Women are sometimes covered from head to toe because to do otherwise would be a temptation to men. I wonder why men aren't covered from toe to head. Goose/gander thingie, ya know? Fair is fair, right? So once again women have to shoulder the responsibility for men's lack of self control and unwilliness to accept personal responsibility for their actions. So if he falls into lust, it's the woman's fault. Not his. (insert eye roll)

Yoko didn't do anything. John did what John wanted to do. I wish people would stop blaming that poor woman.

Sorry, I'm in a cranky mood. I had root canal today. LOL!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

As long as she isn't cheerleading on the sidelines in some ridiculously skimpy attire, then the quarterback has no excuse.

Scott said...

Sarah - Oh, you don't like Romo? On principal (team loyalty), or is it something about him? Are you a Browns or Bengals fan? Deon Anderson is dating a Playboy Playmate. By the way, I'm a native of Akron.

Dixie - Nice thought, but no, not yet. The only way the weather gets better is by getting out of here.

Tanya - I totally agree with you. I'm actually embarassed now when I read about all the flak Simpson is taking for just being on the sideline, as if Romo has nothing to do with his own on-field problems. Ridiculous. Loved the rant!

Toast - Absolutely. 'Nuff said.

Toni Anderson said...

I'm with everyone else. :)

Did you get my email?

Sarah Hina said...

I'm a Bengals fan by-proxy (read: my husband is a huge fan, and I only care in so much as it affects his mood). ;)

This is not a good year for us, to put it mildly.

Bailey Stewart said...

Tanya, switch to decaf. *gg*

Beth said...

Alan is your own personal cheerleader. I may need to grow a penis and borrow him. =)

I don't blame Jessica. I only want her to, like I said, visit Brady during big games, flash the girls, and all that. She's not my kind of broad. Too blonde.

Yoko, blargh.

Anywho, I just wanted to wish you, the wife, and your boys a happy Christmas. I hope it's a stellar one for you all.

Alan said...

Beth, you don't need a penis to gain my admiration. =) Just be inspirational. Over at my place you'll see ... I've got heroines too!

It's just that I can't one day become like one of them unless I grow a vagina! LOL!

The Zombieslayer said...

I personally find Jessica Simpson about as sexually stimulating as my brother's ducks. Maybe Romo is into fake blondes with low IQs, but not me.

I'd be glad if the audience was full of Jessica Simpsons. No one to impress, so I could concentrate on the gameplan.

Sadie Lou said...

Merry Christmas to you & your Scott!!
Happy Holidays, hope all is well.
~Sadie Lou

Jada's Gigi said...


The Quoibler said...

Jessica who?


"Jessie, hon... your fifteen minutes of fame... it was up a while ago. Time to go, sweetie. There, there..."

(Found you by way of Beth over at Perfect Neurotic -- congrats on the award!)