Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Doing Ok

No surprises in the election.  Obama won and my blog buddies are vindicated after eight long years.  I'm trying to be optimistic that Obama will be a fair leader.  Now everyone gets to find out what he is really like, beyond the hype and the promises that even the heralded says he can't possibly keep (same for McCain; I read more than a paragraph).  All I pray for is that he puts country and security ahead of party, and that he'll seriously consider the consequences of pulling out of Iraq before it is ready to take care of itself.  You can be strong without being a bully; put your fists at your side and relax if you will, but be ready for the sucker punch, because it's coming.

These are serious times.  Stand up to our enemies and be diplomatic in equal measures; be tough and compassionate.  Show us that there is iron in your words, and I for one will support you to the end.

Please, don't lambaste me in the comments.  Nor do I want to hear how wonderful he is and how he will win me over and yadda yadda yadda.  This is your day and you've never been prouder to be an American.  I wish I could share in that optimism.

There are no words that will make me believe.  I'll have to see it for myself.


mr. schprock said...

Hooray! Now we're an Obama-nation!

Wait a minute...

Scott said...

That was the perfect comment, Mr. Schprock! Thanks. And great to see you again.

Dixiebelle said...

At least, you are giving Obama a chance. Last night on PBS, one of the commentators said the Confederacy was alive and well. It definitely is. The reaction is one of despair and anger from everyone I've had contact with today and it has nothing to do with his policies. It's like they didn't believe he would get elected and now their world has changed. I actually thought we were past this point in our history. For example, some of the e-messages going around today: They are going to replace the American symbol, the bald eagle, with a fried chicken.
They are going to replace the White House Rose Garden with a watermelon patch.
They are taking down the Statue of Liberty and putting up Aunt Jemima holding a chicken leg.
None of those have anything to do with policy.

Tee said...

No lambasting. You're a solid guy, Scott, and I hope Obama proves himself as well. He's got the disadvantage of high expectations, so it might be rough going.

I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work though :)

Alan said...

Dixiebelle, I hate reading your comments. You know it has nothing to do with you. :-)

There was a time way back in the beginning of his campaign when I wanted Obama to win for only one reason; to stick it to the white racists of this country. I wanted them to have to pledge their precious allegiance to the flag of a nation with a black President who has an African name. I wanted all the prejudice hypocrite church leaders to have to tell their congregations to "pray for their leaders" as the Bible still tells them to, while hoping they'd choke to death on their words right in the pulpit when they realize that God demands they now pray for a black man.

But I didn't try to really envision these people who I wanted to spite so badly. They were more of a concept--a memory of the ignorance I experienced in Missouri rather than any current day people.

So, reading about how alive "the Confederacy" is both pisses me so the f*ck off and makes me despair at the same time. It makes me fear for Barack's life, and it also makes me want to get all the black people out of the South so we can neutron bomb that bitch clean.

You can come to safety too, Dixiebelle. I won't neutch the messenger.

If the Secret Service does their job right, and doesn't have a couple of hundred moles with white supremist ties in their midst, then maybe 8 years of black Presidency will open some eyes and melt away some hatred and unify some people.

But if the South wants to rise again, and restart the Civil War, then let's the f*ck go bitches! Rise the f*ck up so we can stomp your asses back down again! Because F*CK YOU. This sh!t is OLD.
If YOU don't like it then GO BACK TO ENGLAND. (Yeah and I'm not from Africa either, but it didn't stop them from telling that same sh!t to me, now did it?)

Again, this isn't to you Dixiebelle. This is to the people you're reporting on. Those stupid redneck cavemen. F*ck them. F*ck them with a corncob pipe and the drumstick of a chicken leg.

Meanwhile, Scott, you're my friend. You didn't have to vote for Obama to remain my friend. Tee said it. You're solid. Wonderful, in fact. You're proof that a person can be white and object to Obama as President without being an utter skidmark of a human being. I appreciate that more than ever at this moment.