Saturday, July 02, 2005

Off to Ohio and Dad

The last time we visited my dad, my wife was pregnant with Jackson. Dad lived in the country, where he rented a house on a huge expanse of land where nobody would judge him for his habits. He lived in the heart of Amish country, and was spooked one night by a knock on the door from a tall Amishman that asked simply to have some work, any work, so that he and his family could eat. Dad however, has an instinct for people, and right or wrong, he told the man to shove along. The man got back into his truck with five of his kin and drove off. This spooked both Dad and his wife, who locked all the doors and windows and got out the rifles and waited for trouble, which never came.

On our last visit, dad was a savage driver, and almost got all of us killed one night by passing around a blind curve, nearly running us head on into opposing traffic, then tried again and nearly ran us over a divider.

Later my dad, realizing what a bohemian he was, apologized, as he had so many times in the past after the rage had passed, and the damage reports made it to the thinking part of his brain.

But it wasn't about me anymore, it was about my wife, and my unborn child. My wife vowed never to stay there again, and yet, through much cajoling on my part, she has agreed to try it for this fourth of July weekend.

Wish me luck.


Mr. T said...

Good luck, Scott.
Who knows, maybe he's mellowed out with age. I have a similar situation with my wife and my parental family. Not nearly as life threatening but equally straining in regards to family loyalties. Perhaps you can convince him to have a quiet 4th with no car rides and minimal fireworks :) Again, good luck!

Mrs.T said...

Scott, you have NO idea just how similar that is. My husband wrote above, but it is fairly close... like he said though nothing life threatening. However this fourth, we are trying to let them back into our lives again... wish us luck too!

Beth said...

More luck from me! =)

Scott said...

T's & Knitter,

Thanks a lot for the moral support. I'll have to write more later.