Monday, July 18, 2005

The Snake

My dad got a job building an apple warehouse in Leavenworth Washington, where I spent my eighth grade year. Dad was on his third wife, and now I had a step-brother whose name I shall omit, because I am quite sure the name is so unique that it could be looked up without his last.

Socially, I had my best chance since I left Ohio to fit it, but I have never been one for politics, and playing the game to rise to the top is not my idea of a life well spent. I was told by several of my classmates that Patricia had taken a shine to me, and she was a cheerleader for the football team. I was attracted to her, but it was such a circus, and the school had us marked as a couple without any response from me. I confided my problem to a friend.

"There's all this pressure to just start going with her." I complained.

"Hey," he replied, "just go out with her for a while. I mean, have you seen her legs?"

"Yeah, she's hot, I guess. But I don't like being told what to do."

"Listen, just date her, she's a cheerleader. Date her for a while then dump her later. It will make you very popular and then you'll have it made."

But I couldn't do it. What I should have done though, is something other than give her the cold shoulder, because what has the power to raise you up can cast you down. And frankly, as hard as it was on me, it must have been really embarrassing to her.

I think though, that more than for any other reason, I was scared. She was hot, and would have been good for me to try "going steady" like all my friends were already doing. It would have initiated me into the fun and frolic of young love. But I wouldn't look for a healthy relationship until I was in my thirties. Instead, what followed was the first of many mistakes I would be doomed to repeat.

She was called the Snake by everybody in town. I met her at a volleyball game at the local high school, sitting in the bleachers. She was a flirt, and I couldn't resist. She kissed me in the parking lot outside, in front of a few of my classmates.

The word got around, and everywhere I went I heard the same sound, "Ssssssss," like air leaking from a tire.

We talked on the phone every day, and I became obsessed with speaking to her. Before long we were saying I love you, but I really meant it, or thought I did anyway.

I went to her house when her parents were out of town, and she took me to her room. I was totally clueless. Only now can I understand what she wanted, but I didn't know then. I didn't even know how to french kiss, and I asked her to teach me. That was probably the breaker for her, finally realizing what an innocent boy I was, not the hyper-spermatic man she needed.

A friend of mine told me that she had sex with somebody on "the hill" beyond the bleachers at the football field. I was heartbroken, I called her up, and when I hung up the phone, it was over.

I sat next to her sister in science class, who asked me, "have you ever french kissed a woman?"

I looked at her suspiciously, "not that it's any of your business, but no."

"Would you like me to teach you?" She laughed her cruel mocking laugh, and I knew that I was totally ruined.


Scott said...

Travelling tomorrow. See you Wednesday.

Mrs.T said...

I tend to steer clear of snakes myself, I'm glad your 30's have proved to be much happier!

Braleigh said...

Gah, what a vicious girl. Thankyfully you didn't let her take advantage of definitely would have caught something.

Mr. T said...

Oh man.. that's harsh. Do you ever wonder where these villians end up? I wonder sometimes.. where are they now, did they ever get that sudden flush of guilt at the pain and scarring they caused? Or perhaps (the evil in me) did they meet with some karmic justice?

The good thing that comes out of these types of events is the strengthen of our character. I know from my experiences that despite the horrors I've seen I wouldn't trade it for anything for they have lead me to where I am now. And from what I've seen.. we always better people for it.

Thanks for sharing this moment with us Scott.

mr. schprock said...

When I was in the eighth grade, I never got that far. I felt bad about the dad being on his third wife part. Rough.

Beth said...

Wow, I'm wondering what horrid things happened to this girl to be so cruel.

Scott said...

All - it's good to be back. look for me in your nearest blog!

Mrs T - Like big T says, all experiences have a purpose, and these kind taught me what I needed to know in order to come around and have a healthy marriage.

Braleigh - You're probably right. I was one of those knuckle-heads that thought condoms were for p-... er, wimps, during my mad single years.

Mr. T - As usual your comments are deep and interesting. Honestly, I absolutely despised women because of burn jobs like the one she gave me. But when I think back on it honestly, and as you point out, I needed to learn the lessons she started to teach me. I mean, doesn't a spouse almost always know when the other is cheating? The signs are there if you can or choose to read them. I mean come on, the entire school was telling me that this girl was a (see you next tuesday). I was like Steve Martin in the Man With Two Brains, when he asked his dead wife for a sign if she opposed his marriage, then the whole room shakes and her painting twirls and a ghostly "Nooooooooo" echoes through the air. When it subsides he gets up and says, "I'll be waiting, just any kind of sign."

Mr. Schprock - She was pretty much my first kiss, if I am remembering right, and frankly it scrambled my brain. If you want to read more about my step mothers, I wrote a post called On Step Mothers. I forget what I said, but it was some serious belly-aching.

Knitter - Good question. We've all been hurt and have been guilty of passing it on I think. Some girls are just sex pistols from the beginning, but sometimes sexually abused women behave as such. I don't know.

jenbeauty said...

I don't think I have known anyone like you have described Scott. Most of my friends and I were always the one guy kinda girl.

I know I have maybe broken a few hearts but would never have been so cruel as this snake.

I just hope my kids never run into this type, whether male or female.

Scott said...

Jen - It's nice to know that most women, normally well adjusted women, are one guy / one girl. We've all broken hearts. I don't know, maybe hers was shredded, grounded into pulp. And yes, if this happens to my kids, I won't be so understanding.

jenbeauty said...

Do I appear well adjusted???!!! lol *snort*