Monday, August 29, 2005


I guess I may be starting a midlife crisis, that stark review of one's life and the future that it must logically conclude, and I see myself without a marketable skill when all of our computer programming is increasingly being done overseas. We continue to make trade fair, which is another way of saying that our way of life is slowly degrading. At one point in California, I was making ridiculous money, and while now I make a generous living that affords my wife to stay at home to raise our kids, our prospects are looking dim; my nose is skimming surface as the price of living rises at an alarming rate, and here I am wearing cement boots.

We've reached the end of an era, the halcyon days of cheap gas; the air in the lungs of our economy. If we don't find another way to breath, we are going to panic, kick, scream and gasp for air. The world hates us and turns it's collective head as China makes overt moves to control the world's oil supply, even going so far as to bid for one of our oil companies, and warning, warning our government to keep it's nose out of it's business. America, and the world, has ignored for too long the radical Islamic threat, and now our children are fighting even harder against an emboldened enemy that watches our fat and naive society argue amongst ourselves like foolish children. We are like Hobbits living in the Shire, protected by a military of Colonel Jessups, that would prefer a simple thank you.

Yet everyday I go to work to pay for what is looking like an endangered lifestyle, and hoping that I'm not rearranging furniture on a ship that is going down. I wonder if we have already scraped the iceberg, and the rest is just posturing. I wonder if even the government understands the threat we are up against, and I have to conclude they don't if they continue to let illegals to flood our borders.

Thanks for dropping by today. Tomorrow I'll be in a better mood.


jenbeauty said...

Believe me I feel these same things quite often Scott. Sometimes we need to voice how we feel about the world. You are not alone.

{{HUGS}} for a better day!

Scott said...

Thanks for the hugs Jen. I wrote all that before I had my first cup of coffee.

Beth said...

Scott, I was just reviewing my budget this morning feeling so much like what you wrote here. I remember when my husband was making a third of his present income and we were living comfortably. Now, I start to freak over school taxes. Maybe the economy will do a freak change after we pull out and things will be better than ever. It's happened before! =)

Scott said...

I hope so, but I only see indicators in the opposite direction. I've been surprised before, and I remember when we were kids worrying about the communist threat, and all the Russian missiles pointed at our biggest cities.

Sadie Lou said...

I was talking to my best friend this morning and we both shared the sad fact that we have to start limiting the number of times we go into town. We both live in the same gated community 20 minutes outside of town.
We have to rethink what's important. Are dance lessons important? Groceries? Church? Date Nights? Gas price: 2.89 a gallon.
Cost of waking up to smell the coffee: Priceless.

Mr. T said...

DUDE.. I'm am so there with you. I love America and what it stands for but I don't think we have a government that has our best interests at heart.

Not when they propose letting illegals apply for drivers license, soak up welfare and health benefits. Not while they allow our children fight in a war that is obviously less about terrorism and more about who controls the oil.

While I hope against hope that we are not in a sinking ship, the signs are becoming more and more clear that we are. Cold sweats and a fear for my children are all I'm left with. That and a strong desire for raising the Texas flag and call for the "Rise of the Republic"

spiltmilkblog said...

...SIGH... Depressing thoughts, but ones that should be addressed. The uncertainty of it all is very scary, isn't it?

As for illegal immigrants - While I don't condone breaking the law, I would do it too if my family were starving and I couldn't find a job. I'm sure you would do anything to keep your family alive as well. Many of the people the cross the border are just trying to survive... On the other hand, I do not believe they should be granted the same benefits Americans have access to. Being here to work is a benefit in itself.
I think they need to tighten security at the border (which they have done) BUT (and here is where I usually get bashed), they need to give out more work visas so people can come here the right way. Believe me - they would come leagally if they were given the visa. People try for years. When they realize they have been denied 3 times and always will be denied, they have to make a choice. Sometimes that choice involves breaking the law.
All of our families were immigrants at one time (unless you're 100% Native American blood - precious few are anymore.) ... I don't think it's fair to close the gates after our butts are safely in the door, know what I mean?
Anyway, you have many great points. Thoughtful post today.

Scott said...

Sadie - It's high time that we cut back anyway, but it isn't easy given the choices of vehicles we have. Hybrids are coming into vogue now, but are they affordable?

Mr T - I'm not as convinced as you are that we are only in it for the oil. Iraq may not have been where the queen of the hive lived, but she lives nearby. I think the strategy was to have a strong central ally in order to strike fear into the middle east, to show them that we can and will hunt them down, and give us a base from which to strike should the need arise. My problem now is that we can't get it under control, and I'm not blaming the president for that, not all of it anyway. The whole world has a stake in this conflict and most have chosen to take a passenger seat, and even root for the opposition to take us down a notch. Ungrateful and spiteful. If we don't leave Iraq in a controllable state, our children will be there again, only this time they really will have nukes, and this conflict will be a joke in comparison.

Tee - I don't blame a family for doing what they need to do in order to survive, and I even know illegal aliens, and some are my best friends. That doesn't make it right even if it makes me a hipocrite. The influx into this country needs to be controlled. We need to know who is coming in and need to be able to track them. It sounds Orwellian, but welcome to the new age where every one is a potential enemy. I can feel for someone who tries and is denied, and I don't have a problem with work visas or relaxing the number that are allowed in, but some aren't coming in and it will be very sad for them, but I prefer that to a smoking crater that was once one of our greatest cities.

John said...

I can't even think about Iraq without blood coming out of my ears.

magnetbabe said...

First of all, don't apologize for getting on a soapbox for a day. Everyone needs to vent.
It seems that everyone has had a bleak outlook on the country lately with good reason. The economy and jobs are scary right now. My dad, a computer analyst, just had the same "crisis" you're having now, to the extent that he is thinking of completely switching gears and opening his own business.
As is Mr. T, I too am skeptical of our government. I might support this war if I felt like the administration was ever upfront about it. We went to war because Saddam had WMDs, right? Oh, wait, it was because of the ties to Al Quaeda. Ummmm, actaully it was to make Iraq (oozing with oil) a democracy. Sure. Meanwhile, what's the UN going to say when we want to go into Iran? This time we're SURE about the WMDs...
Anyway, whether you like it or not you're two cents richer after this comment.
Hope tomorrow's a better day!

Trevor Record said...

Yeah, the gas is an especially pressing concern. Unfortunately, we have centered out lives around the automobile here in North America.

China apparently already "owns" a significant chunk of the USA.

The Zombieslayer said...

That was a wonderful post, Scott.

I too have had a job outsourced (I'm a software engineer) and am not making what I was three years ago.

We're self-destructing as a nation, giving our economy away to everyone else and letting illegals take over our southern states.

The Right are a bunch of avaricious bastards, caring more about money than Americans, and the Left has their politically correct heads so far up their you know whats that they like everyone better than Americans.

Whoops, my bad. I was supposed to try to cheer you up. Sorry Scott.

Shesawriter said...


Your mood is perfectly understandable. With all the drama that's been going on lately, most people (no matter what age) are reflecting on their lives, wondering where the heck we're all going. To Hell in a handbasket, most would say. So know you're not alone. We're all wondering the same thing.



Miranda said...

You can certainly write :)
And while certain kinds of writing don't pay well, perhaps that's one skill you can market.

Cheer up, Scott :)

Scott said...

John - Iraq is a divisive issue, and I think I know where you are coming from on this one.

MagnetBabe - I understand your position, and I'm glad you drop your pennies in my bucket. I never believed that WMDs were the primary reason for our entry into Iraq, nor do I believe that Sadaam necessarily didn't have them before the war. The reasons for Iraq, as I have opined, were strategic, and I don't buy that it was all for the oil. A working democracy in the midst of the middle east means stabilization, and provides a working example for it's neighbors, which has had the intended reforming impact. As far as Iran is concerned, we don't have the resources for another invasion anyway, and we couldn't afford it anyway. We're going down the path that the Russians did with Afghanistan, and if we aren't careful, we'll collapse too.

Trevor - If it were just automobiles I would say let's just drive electric cars, but the impact of higher gas prices touches every aspect of life, from the manufacture of goods and delivery. Prices for everything goes up, causing upward pressure on other prices that presuppose those prices. As far as China owning a significant portion of the USA, I'm not sure what you mean. We depend on China for cheap manufactured goods; without them we would have to pay real prices for goods that we get for next to nothing. But without us, they are screwed too, as we represent 20% of their GNP, and incidently, Taiwan represents 10. They need us too.

Zombie - As much as I hate to agree with the left, only because it encourages them to pursue agendas I disagree with, the corporate culture that Bush and co. support is strangling our country. My wife asked me why liberals don't spend their time questioning why our food chain is so messed up that we have to by "Organic" to avoid preservatives and other additive chemicals. My answer has to be that all politicians are taking money from powerful lobbies. Big money rules. Send me a hero in 08. He or she might end up with a bullet in the brain, but send me someone to vote for that will do the right things.

Tanya - That was sweet. Thanks. I appreciate saying what usually gets people riled up and getting such kind responses.

Miranda - Writing might pay for a meal or two, even if I have to live in a tent. Thanks for the confidence though, and hopefully someday I can do that for a living.