Thursday, March 02, 2006

Romancing India

Just a quick note because I have some proving work to do today. It gladdens my heart to see that we are aligning with the second most populous nation in the world (by my count anyway). If India has our back, I won't feel so nervous about an emerging China.

Was that quick enough?


Tee said...

I must be behind in the news. We're friends with India? Um, Ok. That's good. I wish we could be friends with everyone though. ;)

Bailey Stewart said...

Yes, that certainly was a quick note. Friendship with India is a start.

Moni said...

I would like there to be some substance behind strength in numbers, but I don't know about India as our ally. Hey, they didn't allow Britain to colonize them. So, maybe they would be a strong ally.

I know you've got work to do, but when you put your nose to the grindstone, don't grind it completely off, people might point and stare. ;P


Shesawriter said...

I'm not worried about India. Iran scares the crap out of me.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I'm with tee.

I don't think we really need to be afraid of Iran or China.

As long as we respect each other boundaries, we can all get along fine.

I hope.

I'm an idealist. So can I see the future, or is it just sand in my eyes?


Scott said...

Tee - I think we can all agree on that. Getting to be friends with everyone is a process that starts with one friend and then the next.

Eve - That's exactly how I feel.

Moni - Cute, Moni, cute. I can't hurt to have friends in a volitile part of the world. Better than having them be the opposite, say, like North Korea.

Tanya - Alliances with India help with scary countries like Iran. In my view anyway.

Toast - If you aren't a little afraid of either of these two countries, and I say this without any malice whatsoever, then maybe you aren't paying close enough attention, or aren't connecting the dots. Or you aren't close enough to the American condition to be sympathetic. Taiwan is a smoldering time bomb that could put China and the US into an armed conflict, and Iran is posturing for Nukes, and Ahmadinejad has vowed the destruction of Israel, a close ally of ours. Can you imagine nukes in the hands of a country of Islamic fundamentalists that burnt down a Danish embassy for a cartoon? You should be very concerned.

Jada's Gigi said...

I don't see how we can ignore them...they are already at the other end of most of my 800 numbers...
and they definitley seem to have a more moderate personality and religion than some of our playmates in the region.

Janie said...

How India is going to help us is beyond my knowledge. I don't believe in this so called flat earth policy, if we are making business with them, they won't go to war with us.

Besides, India has so many problems. What can they really offer us?

I'm with Tanya on Iran, only what are we to do?

I don't have any answers.