Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who Dies First?

Jackson asked me last night, “Who’s going to die first daddy, me or Emmett?”

“You two are only a couple years apart, so I call it a dead heat.”

“What’s a ‘dead heat’?”

“It means that it’s so close it doesn’t matter.”

“I think I’ll die first because Emmett is younger than me.”

“Well… If you take care of yourself, eat healthy, stay away from drugs and alcohol, you’ll have much better odds of living longer.”

“What are ‘drugs’?”

“Drugs are what people take to make themselves feel really good for a very short amount of time, which makes them want more and more until someday it kills them.”

“It kills them?”

“It can. Many teenagers today die from drug overdose, which means taking too much.”

Jackson thought about this for a moment. “Do you drink alcohol?”

“Sometimes, but only the occasional beer or a glass of wine.”

“Will it make you die?”

“It’s not good for me I guess, but it won’t kill me.”

“I think you are going to die before momma.”

I screwed my face up in mock shock, and he laughed. “That’s why we have life insurance.”

“What’s ‘life insurance’?”

How did this conversation get started anyway?


Bailey Stewart said...

Oh this it too funny. He's at that stage where all kids start becoming fascinated with death. When my niece Jennie was around 8, my sister (who is childless) told her that when she (my sister) died, Jennie would inherit her ring. Of course, Jennie looked at that ring with envy and said ... "So, when are you going to die?"

magnetbabe said...

Too funny. I can't wait til I have kids. When I was home for Christmas my 9 year old step sister informed me that she wanted to be a lesbian when she grew up. That way she wouldn't have to deal with boys and she could always live with her best friend.

Scott said...

Eve - That's what I love about kids; they live on the surface and don't think much about consequences. And they don't mean anything by it.

Nat - It sounds like she is given plenty to think about, and is using her head to productive ends. Not a bad idea when you think about it that way.

Toni Anderson said...

I've had that conversation with my six year old too. Except the life insurance! Now DH has to start explaining why he smokes when it is so bad for your health.

Sadie Lou said...

Kids are great. I loved reading that. Isn't it weird how similar kids are? that could have been a conversation I've had!
Natalie asked me last night: "Does every living thing have a butt?"
Her brother answers: " If it eats; it has to poop."

We were busting up.

Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

Whoa. You've got to read my post from yesterday about putting a stop to the line of questioning. It just never seems to end at my house...

Isn't it a blessing that your sons seek your wisdom about everything? The fact that you answer them without hesitation means that when they have more pressing, personal questions, they'll seek you for those answers as well!

Kathleen said...

Actually, one glass of wine a day is supposed to be good for you.

And nice job on taking the drug commercial message to heart and talking to your kids when the opportunity presented itself instead of thinking "he's too young."

Jada's Gigi said...

The questions just never end!!

Moni said...

Out of the mouth of babes. I got caught in the "drug," talk too. My daughter asks if I drink and I say I do on occassion. On occasion, meaning once every year or with a really nice meal. Then she says, "Well alcohol is a drug."

That's the time where I just shake my head and look at the floor. Because I know I can't win.

Beth said...

OOh boy, the neverending questions of the young. haha

Mrs.T said...

This is why they are fun...

Just wait until they are older and completely forget to do a project that they had six weeks to do, then look at you as if you're supposed to pop a project out of your arse for them... then you find out that it was due two days ago and you have to let them take the failing grade to try and teach them a lesson in taking initiative and responsibility and most especially teaching them to ask for help before its actually due....

Shesawriter said...

That was one of the cutest conversations I've been privy to "read." :-)


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Oh how quickly a casual conversation can deviate into the realm of the awkward.