Monday, February 19, 2007


I need cool names for football players.

Both kinds. Real names and nicknames. The most important name is that of a linebacker that simply removes the offender from the football. The kind of guy that hits so hard that the ball is left floating in space before falling to the ground. This man is feared statewide. His nickname must instill fear.

Not so important, but just as fun, are the names of other players on the team, such as a lightning fast running back (or corner). It's not the position, is the physical characteristics.

Even if you don't like football, just think nicknames for killers, big men, and fast men.

These are bad attempts, but you get the idea:

Killer: Tank, Thor, Bruiser, Truck, Yank (could be from the north). Think of real names that can be cleverly converted to killer names. We never used this, but once on a softball team they were looking for a nickname for a guy named Cyril. So I came up with Cyril Killer. You see why I need help?

Big Men: For a guy named Dan, my brother knows a big man they call Double Dan. I might use this. Another Dan in another town, Dandroid.

Fast Men: Oh, I don't know.

Be creative; have fun.


Bernita said...

Ivan the Terrible?

Anonymous said...

Big men: Steam shovel? Plow? Skyscraper? Avalanche?

Fast: Hurricane? Laser?

Kathleen said...

Do you need a name for a smarmy, little guy quarterback? Don Johnson

Moni said...

Oh sorry I haven't been around. I can't think of any names. Noticed you took my blog off your list of buddies. I'm not your buddy anymore? :(

Oh yeah thought of a name..."TINY" sarcasm can intill fear too. Oh, if about "Bruiser"?

Toni Anderson said...

LOL--fast men?

Ahem. I think you need some twisted logic here.

Are these your hero characters or the opposition? If they're yours I'd go for a build up of a knickname.
Lightening Bolt, became Bolt from the Blue, ended up as 'Blue'. ? Dan the man became Can the man, became 'Can'. See what I mean? I can't imagine letting anyone name my babies :)

The Terminator is always good :)
PS. My code starts with nfl--how weird is that?

Dixie Belle said...

Names. You need to buy you a "Baby Name Book". In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I picked up one called Beyond Jennifer and Jason for a buck at Dollar General Store. It was one of those paperbacks they have that are discontinued or whatever. Anyway, it's really good. I don't know if you have DG up there but you might check it out. Also I use phone books for last names. Maps of states for town/place names as well as street names from city maps.

Be sure you don't use similar names or names with the same letter for main characters. Like Charles and Carl. Makes for reader confusion.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

'Roadrunner' for your Running Back - for obvious reasons.

Linebacker? Hmm..

'The Punisher' - because he shows no mercy to his enemies on the field?