Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'll Miss it Here

Tomorrow will be my last day at my current position here in Watertown, Massachusetts. As a send off, a bunch of coworkers took me out for drinks. I got the night off from father duties in order to really take advantage of the night.

I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out. You gotta love it when you reach for your wallet and they tell you to put that thing away. I stayed out late, drank more than I have in who knows how long, then drove to my faraway home in boonesville. By the way, I know it's irresponsible to drink and drive, but like Sam Kinison once said, I don't want to drink and drive; it's just that there's no other way to get the fucking car back to the fucking garage.

By the way, Sam was eventually killed by a drunk driver.

That's no joke.

So I am trying not to think about it, but I'm really going to miss these guys. Tomorrow I'll be going out to lunch with the crew, so today was my last trip to the Meat Spot deli, where I have gone faithfully for almost a year now. They are the best people; Dick and Harry are the Armenian brothers that own it. Karen, Dick's wife, always has a smile and book recommendations for me. Their daughter works during the summer once in awhile, and has Karen's looks and personality -- cute as a button (and miraculously only in eighth grade). I brought a coworker who just started yesterday with me, and introduced him as my replacement. Harry though... he's my favorite. Quiet, unassuming, a perfect gentleman, the kind of guy you love to make laugh. As they bid me heartfelt goodbyes, I promised to bring my wife in sometime to meet them. Walking back to my car, I have to admit that I felt a little misty.

I'm getting sentimental in my old age. Good people are never to be taken for granted.


Toni Anderson said...

Absolutely right!

Good luck with the changes in your life.

Kathleen said...

It's always nice when people show that they like you with something like this. Too bad you have to leave to have it shown.

Anonymous said...

I think Toni said it very well. Good luck with the changes.

Beth said...

Good luck, Scott! I like how you added pictures to your blog. It reminds me of me. Sheri got me into it though, so it reminds me of her too. LOL

Tee said...

At the risk of nagging you I'm going to speak my mind, as I always appreciate your honest opinion on my blog.

I think drinking and driving was totally irresponsible. Just that one little decision could have changed your whole life. You could have had an accident and killed someone's father, mother or child. You would change their lives forever.

Not to mention, you'd be put in jail and your boys and wife would be on their own. Can you imagine?

Please, Scott, next time have a friend drive you home, call a taxi, or ask your wife to come get you. You can always pick your car up the next day. The convienence isn't worth the potential consequence.

Not saying this to judge you because I'm in no way perfect. Answering the cell phone while driving can have the same consequence which is something I've been guilty of. Something to think about for everyone then, right?

Have a good, safe, weekend.

Scott said...

Tee - No problems on giving your opinion. I understand the consequences of driving drunk, and I have plenty of friends that over the years have always and will always say the same. Don't worry yourself too much though, because I won't be drinking like that anytime soon.

Bhaswati said...

That's such a touching farewell. I am sure your coworkers would miss you as much. Best wishes. :)