Monday, July 23, 2007


I can't believe how busy I am. Working at home was supposed to be a way to gain more time, but instead it has been the great vortex. Now I do my own laundry because I am at home to do it. And the kids are in the office all the time, wanting to play games, or just to see me. For instance, I wrote one sentence and Jackson came in to tell me that Emmett knocked over a pile of clothes. The little guy announces every time he has bathroom business. It's cute but distracting. I've got more tasks around the house to do, and lunches last an hour and a half, ten minutes of which is spent eating.

There is a pile of papers on my desk of people and places I need to call, bills to contest.

As for that business with my father, I did indeed go the route of asking for the bill to pay directly. Dad didn't even blink. And more than this, he understood the reason why and didn't give me an ounce of grief. It turns out that the insurance wasn't cancelled, but there are two possibilities of how to proceed. The first is that they let him pay back retroactive, and thus my money flies out the door, money I don't have. Or two, they simply reinstate him with a four month waiting period. The latter case involves his wife finding out that he let the policy lapse, and that is what I hope happens. It would serve him right to eat the shit stew that he cooked up.

What else.

I've been trying to learn Hey There Delilah on the guitar, and have actually done it. It just needs some polish. A little out of my singing range during the chorus, but I'm not getting paid for it. I'm also trying to learn Sublime's What I Got, Iz's Somewhere Over The Rainbow (I play guitar, not Ukelele, so it is only approximate), Death Cab For Cutie's I Will Follow You Into The Dark and Oasis' Wonderwall (because I heard Charlie playing it on Lost). In my spare time of course.

Still plotting, but that has taken a slow-down turn. I lost inspiration for a while, but watching a few movies, and reading the latest Harry Potter, kind of got me back into the groove. Something my mentor said has been haunting me too, that I have too many characters. Now I want to create even more, and it's got me a bit down. I have to believe though that my instinct is driving me in the right direction, that I should just do it and ignore that.

The new Harry Potter is gripping. Rowling is a great story teller. That could have something to do with why she is richer than the Queen of England, right? I'm only on page 187 right now. The ladies at the library started reading it the night before and finished it before I even had a copy in my hand. That's dedication. And that's how you judge success.


mr. schprock said...

Rowling reminds me of Dickens. Don't everyone laugh at me at once.

Good luck with the guitar. My daughter, who already plays guitar and bass, recently added mandolin to her repertoire.

24crayons said...

Congrats on learning the song on the guitar!!

It's one of my recent favorite songs!

Also good luck with the laundry, I was out of town just long enough to have it a mile high, and its exhausting as it is!

Moni said...

I think I'm the only person who's not reading Harry Potter lol. Well like I told Zombie, happy reading.

I like that song "Hey there Delilah," for some reason it reminds me of the Beatles. I think your boys will give you a little space after a while, but having daddy home during the day is probably still new to them.

Kathleen said...

Re: Schprockie's comment - a number of reviews I read compared her to all sorts of classics, including Dickens.

See? That's why I think I would be bad working at home. There would always be something else to do - like laundry, dishes, etc.

Page 187? You are savoring, young man! I read it on Saturday, finishing just in time to go to knitting club, and then started re-reading it on Sunday.

magnetbabe said...

Ooooh, LOVE all those songs! You have good taste in music. As for books, I'm with moni.

jenbeauty said...

I finished HP in one day. I love those books and this by far was one of my favs!

Keep plugging away Scott, seems your life is full and that is a good thing!

Bhaswati said...

Working at home can be distracting while being very fulfilling at the same time. It sounds like you're not having it too bad, all in all. Good for you!

Jada's Gigi said...

ahh boundaries for working at home....easier said than done eh? sounds like the guitar is fun... I used to pick & grin a little :) Glad you settled the "Dad" issue...Will work be easier when school starts? :)

Alan said...

Moni, Magnetbabe, and Me.

Your novel = fine wine. :=)

Toni Anderson said...


LOL at the kids. That is my life :)