Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weeds: Masturbation Lesson


If you are offended by the explicit references to masturbation, please do not press play.

You have been warned.

We have just rented the second season of Weeds and just saw this for the first time last night.

We. Loved. This.

Nobody ever talked about sex with me, and not that I welcomed the subject either. This guy approaches the subject of masterbation like one would the subject of say, detailing a car. No big deal kid.

Understand that this family is raised by a single mother (who happens to be a pot dealer) whose husband (I think) got killed before season one even began. She called a plumber to investigate clogged pipes, who found that somebody had been flushing tube socks. Turns out the boy was using them to clean up his emissions if you will, and disposing of the evidence. She tried to speak with her son, but the talk went nowhere, so she asks her husbands brother to try having the talk instead.

And so, without further ado, here is what he had to say.


Jaye Wells said...

Ok I didn't think I'd learn anything from that, but lo and behold the banana. Whoddathunkit?

Scott said...

You think you learned something?

mr. schprock said...

A banana peel? That's . . . that's genius!

24crayons said...

OMG! I'm not watching, we haven't gotten to rent it yet, and I obviously have TONS to watch!

Glad that you enjoyed this, gives me something for sure to look forward to!

24crayons said...

Okay! I caught up... AWESOME episode!

So great..

I've never... I'm not sure it's ever even occurred to most people..

Beth said...

Um, hmm, wow. Banana peel.

Alan said...

Um, wow.

So ... this actor kid? He really sat there with a straight face through that monologue? Because I sure didn't.


I'd be interested to know if anybody anywhere EVER has heard of this banana-skin theory. B-cuz they might've made it up while writing the script. Gotta have that water-cooler factor, dontcha know.

And so what did that kid go running off to do? Instant application of lesson?

I dunno. It was all a bit too pat, for me. Could be my jealousy over the kid's ability to overcome (no pun intended) the shame factor so quickly.

Because admit it guys. At that age? Even if there's a father in the home?

And of course, Scott, one of the driving factors of my life is to figure out stuff like this, from real life examples. So if you care to share, what you have planned for your young males? How will you approach the subject? Did you like this uncle's delivery (again, no pun in ten did)?

By the way, my Word Verification in order to post begins with "sox".

Coincidence? I think NOT!! :D

onipar said...

This show freakin' rocks!

I only rented the first season about a month ago (we don't have any movie channels here).

The second season, I haven't watched yet. But I hear it is even better.

Great, great show.

kathie said...

OMG, tht's freaking hilarious. That uncle's my idol. That's exactly the kind of sex talk I dream of giving some day. None of that bumbling with non-fiction book bull shit--just a banana, some kleenex and you're set. Great post.

The Zombieslayer said...

I'll have to watch this in a bit. Mrs. Z is watching a movie, and they'll get pissed if suddenly she's competing against my computer.

Anyways, love the show Weeds. I've seen only two or three episodes, but it's well-done.

Kathleen said...

I might have to start Netflixing this show. Because I know those 300+ DVDs will go quickly.

That was hilarious. The kid was brilliant with that look on his face.

Glad I wasn't the only one for whom the banana was new.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Now, you say 'explicitly' refering to masturbation, but explicit means definite or clear.

This is full of euphemisms - unclear unless you know what they actually mean.

But i'm splitting hairs here.

Is that a euphemism?


briliantdonkey said...

Thats freaking hilarious. I have never heard of the show but just added it to netflix. Thanks for the reccomendation.


Sadie Lou said...

I didn't play the video bt I am open to new shows--let me know how what you think when you've finished it. I just finished the first and only season of Arrested Development--hilarious!

The Zombieslayer said...

That poor kid. I probably learned 10 new words/phrases from Uncle Andy. That banana just didn't seem appealing, and it would make a mess. I think the teacher gets a C-.

Anonymous said...

I have tried the banana peel long before I saw this.....any guy who masterbates should try it.....I loved it u will too

Anonymous said...

the rocking show.It makes me feel enticing to download weeds episodes which i miss sometimes to watch them and enjoy them.

david alan said...

silly camera work. unrealistic writing, which leads to forced acting. the premise is ok but the execution of the show is bad. i understand why it's popular, but i wish more people would acknowledge how poorly made Weeds is.

Scott said...

I couldn't disagree more, David. I can't speak for the technical details of camera work, but the writing and acting are wonderful. The characters are really funny and distinct. I don't think this is supposed to be realistic. That's the fun of it, that it really can't happen. The main character would have gotten whacked a long time ago. But this isn't Goodfellas, just light comedy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ive tried the banana thing it isnt messy at all and it feels great!