Thursday, January 17, 2008

Emmett is running up the steps; mommy is gone away for an appointment. Surprise, he didn't come into my office—yet.

Now that the fog of the football season has evaporated into the clouds, I'll take this moment to look around and breathe the air.

How many there were to start with I can't remember, but I'd say I've lost five or so ladybugs from their little bug hut home I have beside me on my desk. It makes me a little sad when I see one on its back, sometimes just a tiny leg swaying ever so slightly.

Jackson just got back from school—early release day, you see. Momma is out for a couple hours, so I'm hanging out here, trying to work and squeeze in a post.


magnetbabe said...

Poor ladybugs. :( Better the comfort of your home than the bitter cold. Looks like you could start your own rescue project...

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Do not pity the ladybugs. They seek to build an army to overrun our society. This is why they appear so often in children's literature.

Get them when they're young.

Alan said...

Scott, have you ever had them clustering in the upper corners of your house? It's a phenomenon of epic proportions. I saw it when living out in Missouri.

I'm not clear on why we don't treat them like any other bug, except of course for the fact that they're adorable and they have picnics.

They had twelve sacks,
So they ran sack races.
They fell on their backs
and they fell on their faces

Ladybug 12...
At the Ladybug Picnic.

Bailey Stewart said...

I like ladybugs. Whenever I find one in the house (which I've never figured out how they get in here), I always take them outside into the yard.

Jada's Gigi said...

Poor ladybugs! butr they probably have survived much longer than they would being in the house and all..:) but have you ever seen tehm in swarms outside...they look like a cloud! sounds like a lovely day with your son..unless he's into something which they often are when they are too quiet..:)
Sorry bout your Cowboys...I'm rooting for the Packers myself. :)