Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Bit Geeked

It's getting to be that time of year again. Can you smell it in the air? Football season is almost upon us. Well, maybe not for most people, but for pigskin-heads like me there isn't any other sport. So while the NBA finals have the rest of the country glued to their sets, I am combing my favorite Dallas Cowboys websites for any information about voluntary workouts, waiting with baited breath for training camp to begin.

I won't bore you with it; I promise!

What is interesting though is a new blog by Dallas middle linebacker Kevin Burnett, who gives the inside scoop of the off season, and fields questions from his readers. And what he is discovering is that his fans are very well informed. It's amazing how much football knowledge is out there. I don't even bother to comment. Burnett has been stunned by the responses, and even comments at one point that some of the fans should coach. I thought he might have been facetious.

So saddle up. If you have a favorite team that is not from a certain Texas town that doesn't start with big D, then my condolences. Our major weakness, our only weakness, i.e. our secondary, was plugged in the off season in a most unimaginable way, with a first round draft pick and the free agent signing of the equivalent (legal troubles aside, see Tank Johnson for historical precedent), not to mention a seventh round pick that many experts say might be the steal of the draft. All our skill players at every other position are back and signed long term. So mark it down. The Cowboys will DOMINATE. I'm biased of course, and I think I might have said this last year, but this is not drug induced.

Toke. Strained voice. Cowboys. Superbowl. Champions. 2009. Nobody even comes close.


And cough.

Now back to work.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Scott, you are not learning.

Look what happened last time you predicted Dallas victory. What you should be saying is 'The cowboys are going to suck this year'

And if you really mean it, they'll probably go all the way.


Alan said...

If I read this correctly, you seem to be saying that you have to be high to believe the Cowboys are going to win in 2009. LOL

beth♥ said...

Thanks to the link to Burnett's blog. Cool. Ignore everyone else. Our boys are SO in this year!!! Everything in life moves in cycles ... even football. It is our time!

Tera said...

I actually rather enjoy watching football, but don't get into learning the players and such like I used to when my crush Webster Slaughter played for the Browns and they were my favorite team...no matter how much they sucked!

mr. schprock said...

Sorry, the Patriots have a tape of their entire minicamp. Our advantage is too great.

Scott said...

Toast - As my father used to say, fling enough shit against that wall and some of it's gonna stick.

Alan - Mark my words, buddy! Oh, and as for my last post, you definitely told me the same thing as the guy did. The only difference is the timing of it and my willingness to hear it. Much appreciated.

Beth (heart) - Welcome aboard the Cowboys express. I don't have too many readers that like our team. Always nice to hear from another fan. I belive Kathleen will say, "pish posh, the Lions have never won!"

Tera - I've never heard of anyone having a crush on Webster Slaughter before. That's a new one! For me it's the availability of information about the Cowboys and my constant thirst for knowing what's going on in the offseason. We have so many talented players now that it's hard not to know their names. Still, when I was down in Houston a Cowboys fan was worried when Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback. "What happens when he goes down?" I said, "Have you ever heard of Tony Romo?" He hadn't. But today, who hasn't?

Mr. Schprock - You have my permission to tape their practices and memorize their signals. There is no stopping my boys this year. Bwa ha ha ha!

Dixiebelle said...

Football? Already? Time is passing way too fast!