Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A New Sheriff?

Against my better judgment, we played Coachzilla last weekend and got our butts stomped six to one. It would have been worse, but the game was called in the early fourth on account of thunder showers. During the game, Coachzilla recused herself to the sidelines, giving the reigns to her assistant coach, who is also the coordinator of the entire in-town soccer league, meaning he has the ultimate power to move players from team to team. My wife was appalled that Coachzilla didn't actually coach the game, and it was concerning to me too. I was sure that somehow it was a manipulation on her part to make me look like a bully, that I had cowed her into submission.

So my wife called the assistant coach and asked him point-blank why Coachzilla sat with the parents. He claimed that he wanted to coach the game, that Coachzilla was doing him a favor by letting him.

Silly man. Doesn't he know that this is a small town? That people talk? Turns out that Coachzilla openly admitted that she gets too worked up when she coaches against me, and that she gave herself a timeout. Isn't she a noble beast?

My heart wasn't in the game, and neither were the kids'. And Coachzilla's team was possessed, running like their asses were on fire. And up six to one, they were still playing for blood. My defenders for some reason ran to the other side of the field, so Coachzilla-Junior sent his son to our side of the field to camp out, waiting all alone for the ball to come his way. The kid scored twice this way. In the big leagues, this is called being offsides, and I would never condone our kids playing like this. But technically it's legal at this level. Again, my heart wasn't in it. As I saw this happening, I could have prevented it by calling it out to the defenders, but a part of me just said, "Take the victory then leave us alone."

But tonight there is a big vote coming up. Parents of children that play soccer can attend. Coachzilla-Junior wants to continue having control over the league, and Coachzilla wants a power position as well, so she can continue to gather the young talent on her PeeWee and Under Six teams, cutting out the players that can't play so well. A coach from Under Six is running for the position of in town coordinator. My wife and I have called all our friends, including parents on my past and present teams, to come and vote against them. I don't think the opposition even knows we're coming. It's going to be an eye opener when so many people come to this meeting to voice their strong desire for change. The new guy wants to institute a system that we currently use for baseball placement. Have an evaluation day then divide the teams up equally, giving all the kids the best chance to have fun, not to get blown out or to blow away, but to compete on an even playing field.

How novel.

So cross your fingers that we have enough kick to buck these crooked cowboys. It's high time we had a new Sheriff to clean up this town.


Alan said...

Given the picture you're posting, I thought you were going to talk about Obama ...

Coachzilla. Ugh. She did not deserve that rematch. I swear, you're portraying the antics of a Showtime series, and Coachzilla is the show's baddie. In true fashion, the villain sometimes wins and the protagonist is defeated. And also in true fashion the audience hates the villain just all that much more, and identifies with the hero that much more.

By the season finale, Coachzilla's going to get what's coming to her. The only props I give her is that she makes a damn fine villain.

(I'm just realizing that it's your skill that is making a damn fine villain out of her. I'm telling you, go for the fictionalized version of this. It's gold.)

magnetbabe said...

Haha alan, I thought the same thing! I got all excited that scott might have hopped on the O-train after last night's excitement. I should have known better, he isn't one to get caught up in hype. But give him time...

Speaking of politics, this soccer league of yours has waaay too much in it. I don't know how you can deal with it.

Kathleen said...

Personally, I call that cherry-picking...

I hope all the parents you neededs showed up and voted Coachzilla and Junior out of their positions of authority.

It's always mind-boggling to me what "power" does to people.

Tee said...

LOL - Great pic to go with the story. Fingers crossed!

The Zombieslayer said...

What a shame!

You remember the bad guy in the first Karate Kid movie and also Back to School? Coachzilla is the female version of him. Too bad she won. What's even worse is it was a blowout. :(

Good luck getting the changes enacted. Hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder if it's worth the aggravation.