Monday, September 12, 2005

The Boys Are Back In Town

If you are a Cowboys fan like myself, then you have been waiting a long time for a decent group of guys to don the uniform. And if you have been paying close attention to the drama of the Jimmy Johnson/Jerry Jones breakup, the painful demise of the triplets and an unstoppable dynasty, the failings of a long line of successive quarterbacks since the fall of Troy Aikman, and rebuilding of this team once Jerry Jones hired Bill Parcells, thus admitting his inability to continue winning through puppet coaches--if you've chewed your fingernails each season down to throbbing nubs, then you have been richly rewarded last night with an impressive victory over last year's 12-4 San Diego Chargers.

The picture above should be called Redemption. Here we have our new free safety Keith Davis, who has had to step into the capacious, clown-sized shoes of Darren Woodson, the last great player from the halcyon days. If you don't know a thing about football, the free safety is the guy on defense who hangs out in the far back field and is the last line of defense against the deep ball. San Diego punished Davis for two quick touchdowns, who made huge blunders on each play leaving the receiver wide open in the end zone. But at the end of the game, Dallas pulled ahead by four points, meaning that San Diego had no choice but to score a touchdown as the game clock was running down. Twice they had to go on fourth down. The first time, Drew Brees, the quarterback of the Chargers, was amazing as he back pedalled under an intense Dallas rush and threw what looked like a desperation pass, but landed right on the money and put them at first and goal on the eight yard line. The picture above is Keith Davis laying a smack on Keenan McCardell on second down, forcing him to cough up the ball and saving the touchdown. This game went to the bitter end, and the Dallas defense held, winning their opening game for the first time since 1999 when Troy Aikman was the quarterback.

Ah! Football is back, and my boys are starting off on a good note for a change. The mood around my house is directly proportional to mine, in the opposite direction. My wife has taken to grumbling around the house, and my kids hang from every limb as I try to take in every moment. Thank God for TiVo. I have to pause the game periodically to do damage control. The wife and the kids do not take kindly to my diverted attention. It's not until Superbowl Sunday that I can actually watch a football game without all the attitude.

"Babe, you should have seen the ending of that game!" I yelled after running up the stairs, two at a time, as the kids were coming out of the tub.

"Greaaaaaaaate," she said like a bedridden patient recovering from a session of Chemo, or was it a creaking door? At least the latter can be fixed with a dose of WD-40.

I'll have to work extra hard at my honey-dos this week!

Vive le cowboys!


jenbeauty said...

Ha! I am with your wife on this one.

Mr. T said...

Vive los Vaqueros!!

Scott said...

Jen - Traitor! =8>)

Mr T - Say it ain't so. Are you a 'boys fan too!? Sweet!

mr. schprock said...

Being a Patriots fan, I have to admit I've got a soft spot in my heart for Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells. I wish the Cowboys well, so long as they step aside while we roll to our fourth championship in five years.

Scott said...

Mr Schprock - Actually, as part of my over ambitious sense of poetic justice, I see the Cowboys and the Patriots in the SuperBowl together, and Big Bill showing Little Bill a few tricks he held back when they were Jedi and padawan.

A guy can dream can't he?

Besides, wouldn't it be something if it were Dallas that stopped New England from besting the record that they are both tied for? That game would be something if the Cowboys can build their game to that level by the end of the season.

New England is an impressive football team, and even Troy Aikman admitted that their accomplishment in this era of salary cap and free agency was far superior to that of the 90's Cowboys. How lucky was emergence of Tom Brady? He was like a sixth or seventh round draft pick. Talk about a diamond in the rough.

Shesawriter said...

Sorry, I'm not a fan. I hate football thanks to a few obsessive boyfriends from my younger days. It was a religion to them. Thankfully, my husband isn't as bad as they were. He only watches the Superbowl. LOL!


The Zombieslayer said...

I used to think Al Davis was Satan. Now I'm not sure if it's Davis or Jerry Jones.

magnetbabe said...

OK, Scott. We're all happy for you. Now let's please move on as some of us didn't have such a great Sunday...
(Just teasing, but seriously it was brutal on us Vikings fans.)

jenbeauty said...

I am a fan of the Buckeyes and the Browns...enough said!

Scott said...

Tanya - That's ok, I find that most women aren't football fans, even when they say they are. There are some exceptions. My wife pretended to like footbal when I met her, but I don't think she knew what that meant.

Zombie - A lot of Dallas fans would agree with you, but when he turned the reigns over to Parcells, we saw an owner dedicated to winning and not needing the credit beyond writing a four million dollar check.

MagnetBabe - Well, I didn't expect everybody to be happy for me, and I knew you were a Vikes fan. Sorry about that. Actually, not really. My best friend is a Vikes fan and I love it when he loses at anything.

Jen - Ok, I forgive you already! I used to be a Bengals and Indians fan. Old timers in Ohio like the Bengals because the Browns fired Paul Brown, who went to Cincinatti, as did a large part of the Cleveland fan base. Me, I-LOVE-THOSE-TWINS!!! Ooops, I meant those Cowboys

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Ah, football! Our house was very happy on Sunday. Of necessity, I have learned to endure and football, for no other TV is allowed in our house on Football Sunday. Alas, we are Chief fans, but we were totally cheering for Dallas when they beat our conference rivals!! And our old coach.

This is a do or die year for the Chiefs. I don't think Dick can hold on much longer.

Scott said...

Joely - You just climbed to the top of my cool chicks list. Finally, a woman who can adapt to instead of fighting with reality! I don't follow the Chiefs much, but I am happy to have been a small part of their success this year. Good luck. Hopefully we'll meet in the SuperBowl!