Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just A Flesh Wound

In Houston, Rita was like a sneeze that almost was: Ah, ah... Whew. Thank goodness. Aside from a little wind there wasn't much to talk about. Of course the criticism will start flying about the evacuation order, how it should never have been issued. Clearly George Bush was behind this whole thing and should tender his resignation, or at worst be impeached. You think I'm joking? Some nutball will frame it such.


Sadie Lou said...

Poor Bush. Seriously. He always seems to find himself in a 'no win' situation with the liberal left.
He didn't do enough--he did too much.

Mr. T said...

As much as I dislike him, I do feel sad that he can't catch a break. Perhaps if he wouldn't make it so easy..

I'm glad Rita was more bark than bite. Though I have heard reports that hometown for me was hit pretty hard. But everyone is safe.

Good luck to those still on I-45 trying to get out or into Houston. :)

Shesawriter said...

I'm glad it's just a flesh wound. I was really sweating it for a friend of mine in Houston. As for Georgie ... I'll keep my trap shut. LOL!


Beth said...

So true, Scott. I'm so sick of seeing the president blamed for every single part of these disasters. Is it really productive?

magnetbabe said...

As a member of the liberal left, I will respectfully keep my mouth shut about why Bush gets blamed for everything. All I will say is that with such a low approval rating it is more than the far left blaming him for the miserable state of our country right now. Personally, I'm happy Houston was evacuated when it looked as if a category 5 storm was barreling down upon them. Unfortunately I have heard reports of people upset that they had to evacuate for nothing and they wouldn't evacuate if told to do so again. The fact is that some peole will never be happy about anything!

Scott said...

Sadie - Bush is small but he is slow. It gets him in trouble. The perception is that he can't move with being told to, or say anything smart unless it is written for him. All that might be true. What I can say for him is that once he has a path in mind he relentlessly pursues it. Time will really be the true teacher and judge of his actions.

Mr T - Anyone who can see Bush in two different lights is a free thinker. I have to be able to see him for his flaws and you need to do as you are doing. Thanks for being open.

Tanya - Awwww. I want to know what you really think. This doesn't have to be a love fest you know. I'll still respect you in the morning, I promise.

Beth - I'd have an easier time seeing the leftist version of things if the left response weren't always so knee-jerk and automatic, like reading from a script. The right can be just as bad in fairness, but right now the right is in power, and left leaners are doing themselves no favors by lashing out without good, well thought out reason.

MagnetBabe - Low approval ratings aren't always the mark of a job poorly done. Ronny was the lowest of low until the fall of the USSR. But I see your point. And like I said to Tanya, you don't have to pull punches. I enjoy hearing the other point of view. You show that you think with your head by acknowleging my point. By the way, my step mother is one of the complainers now. I'm guessing that she is part of a group of people that really didn't pay attention to the mud slinging over Katrina, and doesn't fully understand the political backlash that would have occurred had the hurricane been devastating and the evacuation order been prescient.

Tee said...

That's so true. (shaking head)