Thursday, January 05, 2006

Feeling Good

And so the circus begins. I submitted my resume on DICE for a couple positions, and I got a call today from a recruiter, who I have agreed to meet with in Framingham tomorrow morning. This sounds like good news, but in my experience, meeting a recruiter is worth a free lunch--who said there was no such thing?

I feel a little better though. Yesterday I was getting a little down, as if looking for two days constituted abject failure. A guy needs to provide for his family. It's the hunter instinct.

My friend Jeryl has a husband that can best be compared to a sloth--a totally lazy, good-for-nothing leach of a man that is content to live off the fat-o--the-land. She is a very successful business woman, and was an attraction of mine when I was much younger. She knows it too. What a flirt she was. She always wanted a husband to give her kids and the good life, so she always picked the slick ones that seemed to be on a fast track to success. As you can imagine, this methodical approach to dating produced chemically stale results, producing one asshole boyfriend after another, culminating in a loveless, parasitic marriage. Now she has three kids, one of which suffers from an extreme immune disorder, where even a common cold could be fatal.

My heart goes out to her. But how does this guy look at himself in the mirror each morning? He is never around, and he physically abuses Jeryl. She raged at him for not being around for her and the kids, and he answered with a body slam and a full nelson. I've never met the guy honestly. She is my friend but we haven't been in the same town for nigh twenty years. I have a fantasy of walking in the house and beating the living shit out of him, like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas, walking out of the house and handing the bloody pistol to Jeryl. Hide this.

I have a lot to do. I will visit you all as I can. There is so much to do.


Toni Anderson said...

Scott--good luck with the job hunt. It is awful to have the uncertainty.

And there are a lot of crappy people in this world. I'm sorry for your friend (and really like the gun idea), but I'm even more grateful for having found a good husband (make that a great husband) of my own!!

Eve said...

Scott, I'm glad you're doing better - I know about the job hunt stuff as we're going through that with my sister-in-law.

Sorry about your friend. I never could understand why people stay in marriages like that - but I guess they have their reasons.

minnesotablue said...

Scott: I have read your postings through Magnetbabes site. With all the talent you present, Iam am sure you won,t be unemployed long! I wish you luck!

Sadie Lou said...

I kept coming back to check on you--wondering why things were slow around here but now that I hear what you're up to, keep on keepin' on!
I miss your comments on my blog but there are more important things in life.
I hear that the best men on earth have that natural instinct to swoop down and rescue that damsel in distress...poor Scottie.
That's gotta be hard on you to hear those stories about someone you care about.
Perhaps you can pray that God take care of business in the situation?

Moni said...

"meeting a recruiter is worth a free lunch..." You never know this could be it. ;)

Jeyrl should strike out on her own, she could definetly do better. She's a successful business woman, she could support her family...she's doing it anyway.

And you Scott; you are a true gentleman for wanting to come to her rescue. (((hugs)))

Shesawriter said...


I know all about those recruiter meetings. Been there. Done it too many times to mention. BUT you never know. This one may turn into something. Keep hope alive. Keep up the faith. I'm pulling for you.



Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

People who are driven to succeed in business are often reluctant to accept failure.

Especially in their personal lives, where the damage smarts that much more.

Good luck with the job.

Chloe said...

...can best be compared to a sloth--a totally lazy, good-for-nothing leach of a man that is content to live off the fat-o--the-land.

I didn't know you knew my father!

Why not seize this opportunity to become a professional writer? Or a writing teacher?

Scott said...

Toni - I appreciate your well wishes. Good for you for choosing so well.

Eve - I don't know why either, but it happens all the time. Good to hear from you.

Minnesotablue - Now there's a vote of confidence if I ever heard one! Thanks.

Sadie - Sorry I haven't been around, but I'll be by soon. Gotta fly right now, but quickly I finished all the Office DVDs, including the special. Loved it. More later.

Moni - That was a sweet thing to say! I'll be back later to see you.

Tanya - Oh? What business are you in besides writing that you meet with recruiters? Curious.

Toast - Amen brother. Gotta stand tall.

Chloe - Funny! As for the professional writer thing--I would love to. I'll need a little more cushion in the bank before I try it, as I have a 3K mortgage and a family to raise. I love it that you think it's possible. I'll stop by when I have the time.

The Zombieslayer said...

Why, oh why do good women end up with guys like this? I've never understood Fate. makes no sense.