Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good News and Bad News

The good news is, I aced the interview. The bad news is, I'm too expensive. We'll just see about that.

Some excerpts from the interview.

Him: Do you have any questions for me?

Me: What's the working environment like here?

Him: Good I think.

Me: Do you look forward to coming to work each day, or is it just another day at the grind?

Him: I really get into it actually.

Me: How about the people here? Are they easy to get along with?

Him: Mostly, but there are a few.

Me: I worked with a guy that refused to work on a Microsoft product. He had that prototypical balding man's ponytail in back ( interviewer laughing ), and a belly full of ho-hos. He refused to do anything unless it was his way. He made it for a month or two until we fired him.

Him: Well, we've had a few of those come through here too.

Later, the CTO walked in and shook my hand. He had a bald pate and a pony tail down his back. Is it possible to interview and keep your mouth shut?

At one point I cracked up at a joke, and a tiny bubble of spit blew through a ray of sunshine and landed between us. He pretended not to see.

Got an interview tomorrow morning at 10. This one involves project management, and they fully understand that I have never functioned in that role. Should be interesting.

One more thing that my dad said to me that I totally forgot to include. He compared me to John Elway. Already I was put off, because I've never heard him say anything good about the guy, and frankly Elway reminds me of a donkey. Dad said this: "When he first came into the league, John Elway was the most baby-faced mother fucker you could imagine. But by the time he left the league, he was transformed--into a man. That's you."

Sometimes he really hits the whole dad thing in stride.


mr. schprock said...

I wouldn't mind being compared to John Elway.

Glad to see things are going reasonably well. Funny about the bald pate and ponytail.

Chloe said...

At least he didn't compare you to Tanya Harding.

Best of luck tomorrow!

Moni said...

ROTFL! The bald man with the ponytail...that's rich! The little bubble of spit; geesh man you sound like me at an interview.

The important thing is that your interview went well. Good luck tomorrow...and try not to spit. lol


Mark Pettus said...

Good Luck with the interviews. The bald man with the ponytail incident could have been worse - it could have actually been the same guy. :)

The Zombieslayer said...

Heh. Feel the same way about Elway. I hated him at first. Actually, I hated him for years. Then it grew to respect as he got older. He really started off a punk.

If you're too expensive, try other angles. See if you could get a fat signing bonus, extra benefits, etc.

Eve said...

Okay - first off Elway was an extraordinary talent - but I still couldn't stand him. Excellent analogy though.

Well, at least you didn't spit in his face!

Kathleen said...

I was thinking the same thing as Eve - at least you didn't spit in his face. I did that two years ago - talking to one of my sports car racing heroes. I'm amazed he doesn't run at the sight of me anymore.

Miranda said...

Still glad you aced the interview! :)

jenbeauty said...

Sounds like things are going your way Scott. I wish you the best

Dixie Belle said...

Hang in there! Loved the ponytail story. LOL

Trevor Record said...

I might have to be going into some interviews at my work so I can transfer to a different division. I do this because that way I know I won't lose my job.

But I hate interviews.

Shesawriter said...

Flying spit. Man, oh, man, Scott. I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh. Things look like they're going okay for you. And like I said yesterday, each day you're sounding better and better. Your sense of humor is right on track and I know any day now you'll be posting some really good news.



magnetbabe said...

Was this a job interview or a first date?
Funny story. Good luck!

Sadie Lou said...

I hate that fleck of spit thing. It's got to be the most awkward moment when a bubble of spit finds it's way out of your mouth and on to someone's face. Then they either wipe it away or leave it--man, so painful.
I'm glad you aced the interview.