Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Atta Girl Sasha

It turns out that my presentation isn’t until tomorrow in the afternoon, but I got some feedback from my thirty-plus page document. The word is good. In fact, the commenter wants to use my doc as a template for future versions. Not bad. Some of my pre-interview studying has paid off.

I was up until midnight watching the Olympics. It’s cliché I know, but I love watching the women’s figure skating, and in the Summer Olympics I am a sucker for the women’s gymnastics too. I’ve heard women complain about my demographic, that we are a bunch of lecherous old men. For me there is just so much beauty, such grace, heart, determination, and excellence bundled in a small package. Some of these girls are just sixteen, and yet they are performing under enormous pressure such that we will never experience in our lifetimes. I find myself rooting for all of them, and I feel sad when they fall and pride when they land without a bobble.

I watched Emily Hughes, younger sister of Olympic gold medal winner Sarah Hughes skate wonderfully in place of the injured Michelle Kwan. As good as she was though, the Russian Irina Slutskaya made her look like rookie, who is favored to win the gold—was I think, before Sasha Cohen started her routine. All I can say is: you should have been there. She is in first place after the short program, but it is within four one hundredths. Stay tuned for more competition.

I’m going to start working on another short story based on my post about the man in the wheelchair. I came up with an ending in the shower this morning, and when those hit me, it’s time to start writing. That’s how my mind works I guess: I need a basic premise, a sprinkle of theme, and a nice twisted ending.


mr. schprock said...

I really enjoyed the ice dancing the other night. And, yeah, I look at the women more than the men. The Russian couple (I forget their names), man! the woman was absolutely beautiful! Perfect body, perfect grace and fluidity. I could have watched her all night.

Can't wait to read this story you've got cooking, Scott. Good luck with it.

Scott said...

My wife gave me the mock evil eye when I said that some of the women were beautiful. I asked her who she watched when the couples skated, and she admitted that she too watches the woman more. There were quite a few of the ice dancers that were as you say. I thought our girl was pretty too.

Kathleen said...

I don't think it's wrong of you to watch the women's ice skating or gymnastics. Not everything men do is sexist. I would think it's possible to enjoy their abilities w/o it being sexual, especially when some of them are 14.

A. Darcy said...

I Loooooved the womens ice skating last night. I love Sasha, she had such passion in her routine, looking forward to more....

Eve said...

They were great - all of our girls. Scott - Emily is a rookie! I think she and Kimmie did wonderful for their age - and who knows - Sarah was like 6th going into the final. I don't think I've ever seen Sasha looking as confident as last night. In the past she has always allowed her nerves to take over - maybe this time she has them under control.

trinamick said...

Those are usually the only two parts of the Olympics I watch. I was impressed with how well they did last night. It was nice to see Cohen finally loosen up and have fun with her routine.

Did anyone else notice how many of the women from other countries had horrible teeth? Enough with the close-ups!

Trevor Record said...

Yeah, my favorite part of the Olympics is always the stuff that is judged (diving, etc). I hide this from my fellow Canadians out of fear of being lynched, but I can't stand Hockey.

I don't have cable so I haven't actually seen any of the Olympics this year anyway.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I've been watching a lot of it too.

I felt especially sorry for the chinese couple last week.

I'm sure you probably saw the ladys horribly awkward fall and subsequent confusion over her recovery period. The her brave, faultless completion of the remainder of their routine.


Scott said...

Kat - Thanks for the vote of support. I get sick of defending my tastes sometimes.

AD - She was something huh? Tune in tonight.

Eve - You're right, she is a rookie. I hope she keeps going.

Trina - I noticed! Apparently toothpaste is a rare commodity in some countries.

Trevor - That's hilarious, a Canadian who doesn't like hockey. It's too bad you can't check it out, but I suppose you can download the highlights online.

Toast - I did see the event you are talking about. She was a tough, tough woman. What a fighter!