Friday, February 03, 2006

What I Would Say

A few words on the president’s State of the Union.

I know most of you hate the president, so take a step back for a moment and breath. You can resume your normally scheduled programming when I’m done.

Was it just me, or did I hear the president say that we need to invest in alternative sources of energy? This should be an issue that both parties wholeheartedly endorse. John Kerry himself espoused some of the same ideas during his campaign, and in a way, he should be proud that he had anything to do with it. All Democrats for that matter should pat themselves on the back—publicly.

But what did they do after the address? They blasted GW for not insisting that car companies demand better gas mileage from new cars and trucks. Good point for sure. In my mind though, the Democrats are sliding further and further away from being real contenders in any upcoming contests. Why? Because they have become clouded with hate.

I’m no politician, but if I were a well-intended Democrat, one that entered into public service to help America, I would have had something like this to say to the cameras afterwards.

Ah hem! The president has said what I think Americans have been longing to hear for a long time. It’s true that we have become drunk on foreign oil. In the interest of our security, we need to pursue alternative fuel sources and reduce to what amounts to our tacit support for hostile regimes. So I applaud the president and will support him with my vote in Congress. However, the president could go much further. By raising the standard of fuel efficiency for our fleet of cars and trucks, the president could cut our consumption by at least 50 percent. But the president has made it clear that our parties have to work together, and I am confident that by combining our approaches, we will resolve this all-important issue. I for one am willing to put aside my differences to do what’s right for our country.

Of course I would be shot before the upcoming elections.


Eve said...

Good point!

mr. schprock said...

Don't you think that's a little too rational?

Mine would be:

Ahem! Do you all remember those toy cars that ran on balloons? The Democratic leadership plans to propose legislation that will fund research for enhancing balloon technology as an energy alternative to foreign oil. This bill calls for industry to find a way to harness the hot air here in Washington and put it to productive use. Let's not waste this precious resource.

Toni Anderson said...

Even my 5 year old 'gets' saving the planet. Why did it take the oil barons so long? (that's British sarcasm, in case you're wondering :))

I never understood the American political system where it requires cash more than any other factor to be elected.

But it is great to feel like I am not the only one ranting on about global warming and alternative fuels.


Good luck with the new job, God and writing!!

Scott said...

Eve - Thanks

Mr. Schprock - Man you are on a roll with the commenting thing. I think somebody slapped you with the funny stick!

Toni - It's hard for us to imagine what being rich is all about I suppose. Believe me, on the money-to-get-elected thing, almost everyone here is up to their eyeballs with the whole system. I liked the state of the union speech because the leadership is starting, finally starting to pay attention. It's a long time overdue, but hopefully we'll start getting serious.

Eve said...

Wright/Aikman Hall of Fame!!!!!!

jenbeauty said...

I won't shoot you. I am glad he mentioned alternate resources....but most of what I heard from him was rhetoric regarding the "war".

I am just all around disgusted with politics on both sides of the fence.

BTW: hiya...I need to read some more here to see how goes your job search efforts. Mine has been fruitful, although I have not gotten the written offer yet. I expect to have it in the next week.

I hope all is good w/you Scott.

Beth said...

Even the midwest understood an alternative by having corn gasoline, I believe it's ethenol. Could be wrong.

I'm all for a different fuel source, but isn't it the Bush family who has major stakes in the oil industry? Wasn't that the family business? Isn't it still?

Shesawriter said...

They've been talking about alternative fuel for decades and nobody ever really does anything about it. I don't take it seriously anymore when a politician talks about it. They should have gotten it done years ago. Whatever the case, they're all liars anyway. (g)


Scott said...

Jen - Great to hear from you, and yes everything worked out and I'm employed. Didn't miss a beat.

Beth - The Bush family are oil barons, true. Which explains why we haven't been aggressive before now. I'm not saying Bush is well-intended, but it says something that he is going public about finding alternatives. It should scare you.

Tanya - The fact that an oil man is talking about alternative sources should be a huge indicator of either a) the Bush family is running out of oil, b) how desperate the situation actually is, or c) public pressure has finally built to a breaking point. Either way it's about freaking time.

The Zombieslayer said...

No matter what Bush says Democrats would hate him. This is a perfect example:

Was it just me, or did I hear the president say that we need to invest in alternative sources of energy? This should be an issue that both parties wholeheartedly endorse.

I thought this was the best part of his speech.

The part I didn't like is when he said he'd fight to continue the Patriot Act.