Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pack The Gym Bag

This weekend we signed up for a gym membership for basically the cost of one mortgage payment. I know everyone says this, but I will use it. Riiiiiight…

It all started when my wife and I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I don’t need to tell you girls out there that Brad Pitt looks great with his shirt off. My wife looked at me and said, “Do you think you could ever look like that?”

“Well, I never have, but I’d like to give it one more try.”

We’ve both been feeling a little heavy. Inactivity and late night eating are catching up with us. I’ve never been perfect, but there was a brief time in my young history when I took my shirt off and liked what I saw. Today I look and think things could be worse.


On NPR this morning, I heard a story about a website that is connecting young men and women, boys and girls, with the wisdom of the elderly. This is an astounding idea. Maybe it’s because I’m climbing in years, but the elderly are largely overlooked, and any forum that gives them a voice is aces by me. They’ve adapted and survived everything life has to throw at them, so who better to consult?

The questions asked of the elders at first were simple, often mundane. Then they became more complicated, harder to answer. One was from a little girl whose parents leave her alone at truck rallies with predatory friends, who are becoming increasing overt in their advances. She wants to know what to do. Or another, a letter from a girl explains that she is best friends with a boy, and although she has zero sexual attraction for him, she feels that a real boyfriend would eventually come between them. She wants to know if she should marry him. Can you just see this discussion at a nursing home? I would love to be in that room.


Back to work for me. I’m not sure when I present my designs, so more on that later.


Eve said...

Good luck on the design AND the gym membership!

The website sounds really interesting - this is something that will probably help a lot of teens. The young girl and the rallies sounds very scary. Those parents ought to be strung up by their toes!

trinamick said...

I used to have a gym membership every time my sister decided to go on a diet. Thank god she discovered she liked her chocolate cake more than crunches. I was dying!

magnetbabe said...

Make sure you tell your wife how cute she looks all dressed in athletic clothes and tell her she's looking thinner after a coule of weeks. My #1 pet peeve about the gym is all the skinny bitches in their make up and trendy workout clothes.

Ms, Roman said...

I know many a people with gym memberships. Don't waste your money and use it. None of my friends use theirs and they would rather throw the money away (hundreds) then to workout

Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

We have a treadmill and a Weider all-in-one gym at home. I hate working out in front of strangers. Even a jog around the block makes me paranoid. I'd rather workout in private with my MP3!

Shesawriter said...

You're making me feel guilty. I need to join one too. Oy...


Moni said...

Good for you and the wife. I wish I had the same dedication, I don't Ha! On your design; go get em'! ;)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I can picture an old person croaking out a recommendation that the girl should folow her heart and find a man she loves.

Another old person would pipe up and say that the sexual attraction dries up biologically and she should marry him whilst he can still be ensared.

The argument would be decided when the tea and biscuits arrived.

Scott said...

Eve - The elderly are a wasted resource, so I'm glad that someone is finally listening.

Trina - I hear ya sister, but I want to get rid of the love handles, if only for one last sniff of nostalgia.

Natalie - Don't forget about the skinny bitches with the bouncy and perky breasts. That must be annoying too, right? I'll be sure not to mention that to my wife.

Emmanuel - I've wasted my money before. I can't promise this will be different.

Erin - That's a great idea. For the money I could have bought a home gym too. But I like the idea of getting out of the house too, living a little.

Tanya - Sorry about that--NOT!

Moni - I'll do my best Moni. I'm glad that my wife is pushing for this. If it were me pushing, well, I think you can guess what that would imply.

Toast - The broadcast had the voices of some of the folks answering the questions, and it's like you say. But mostly to a person the old folks didn't even entertain the idea of her marrying the friend, which surprised me some, because my grandma once told me that it takes a whole lot more than love to make a marriage work.

Kathleen said...

Good luck with the gym membership and may you have more luck than I have had.