Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thanks For Making Me Blog On The Weekend Eve!

Current clothing: Long sleeve cotton shirt, Old Navy pj-bottoms, socks, slippers

Current hair: Flat top. My wife has taken over for the local barber, bought her own shears. I used to have long moppish hair, but I got sick of it and cut it all off and loved the look.

Current mood: Recovering from a cold and a day with my cranky two-year old

Current refreshment: Poland Spring water

Current annoyance: My son won't let me go downstairs until he goes to sleep, and there is no way to sneak down because the stairs creak.

Current avoidance: Good question. Writing anything of substance.

Current smell: Popcorn that we just ate downstairs

Current thing you ought to be doing: Sleeping

Current thing or things on your wall: Picture of my kids, two traced hands, an old Mattise print from my single days of an indistinct naked woman

Current IM/person you are talking to: Nobody

Current jewelry: My wedding band

Current book: The Sea, John Banville

Current worry: Wow, none really

Current love: My children, my wife

Current longing: To write

Current disappointment: That I haven't written anything

Current lyric in your head: All I want is you, The Cars

Current music: The sound of my son caughing in his room

Current Favorite book: I'll let you know when I read it. I have lot's of historical favorites, but right now I am in desperate need.

Current undergarments: Spiderman underoos. Just joking.

Current desktop picture: My kids at Christmas

Current plans for tonight/weekend: Watch our recording of Friday's Battlestar. Then sleep the sleep of the gods.

So what are you currently doing? I told you that I owe you one. Tag Moni, you're it.


Eve said...

Ah Scott - a little weekend blogging never hurt anyone (much). Interesting - Bebo and I don't know why you couldn't really be wearing the spiderman underoos?!:)

Moni said...

Current Avoidance--writing anything of substance.
I doubt that. I'm sure there's a well of deep material in your head just waiting to be tapped.

Shesawriter said...

I'm "currently" watching OH, BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I am currently being thankful
that the internet is not linked to our main computer system, which has crashed.

Ha ha!

Toni Anderson said...

Eve is obsessed with underwear!! Just be grateful you don't wear knickers :)

Two year olds--you have my sympathy on the crankiness.

Who was it talking about Nic Sparks the other day? I heard recently he looked at the market and realized that men writing romance (or love stories if the H/h die) was seriously lacking. The man found his niche big time.

Eve said...

I am not - I just found Knickers funny and Scott told a joke! You weave me awone!

Scott said...

Eve - Maybe I wasn't joking after all. You'll never know for sure...

Moni - I think I have stuff up there too. Now if I could write it down.

Tanya - I didn't like that movie too much.

Toast - Sorry to hear that.

Toni - Interesting story about Sparks. I definitely need to give him a read.

Poor Eve!

mr. schprock said...

"Current book: The Sea, John Banville"

Just to let you know, I finally got a around to reading a Terry Pratchett book (Night Watch). Thanks for the recommendation.

Eve said...

Oh don't worry about poor Eve - I'll get her back!