Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chip Off the Old Block

Marla knelt before him and looked up. Mascara rills meandered away from her red puffed eyes. "He's crazy I tell you. Your dad is crazy!"

Steven put his hands on the backs of her white-knuckled hands, which were gripping his knees as he sat on the edge of the chair by her makeup stand. He blinked back his own tears.

"I can't marry him--he's psychotic," she continued. "But you are so sweet, unspoiled. Stay with me."

"He's my dad Marla," Steven said in labored, broken pieces. "And he needs me."

"It's too late for him, but you... I'll be the kind of parent you deserve, send you to good schools--"

From the front door erupted a thunderous crash, as if the door would splinter. Then came a furious yell from without, "Where is my son!"

"Oh Jesus," Marla cried, "wait here." She ran to the front door and screamed, "Go away Jack, or I'll call the police."

"Not without my son! Steven, open this door."

Steven rounded the corner and faced Marla, with a bag hoisted on his shoulder. "I have to go. I'm sorry."

Marla sagged and tenderly wiped a tear from his eye with her thumb. "If you ever need me..."

Steven hugged her then opened the door, then hopped into the truck with his father.

His father said, "Did you get them?"

Steven unzipped the bag that rested between them. Inside were two ceramic lamps. "How much can we get for them?"


Bailey Stewart said...

Oh I hope Jason accepts this one, its funny. Two good entries. I'll try to look for more outlets for you.

Scott said...

Thanks Eve. Jason is going to post the story but not include it as an official entry, which is more than fair.

jenbeauty said...

These stories of yours are so amazing, so real.

I am so glad about your brother and the step brother. Glad your dad had it in him to get Mike back in place. I am sure your step mom will be grateful for that too.

What a relief for you, and good thoughts that these men take rehab seriously and start on the road to recovery with a clean heart. Everyone deserves a second chance or possibly a third to live life to the best.

Scott said...

Thank you Jen, and good to see you by the way. I agree with you about second chances, especially in my brother's case where he is really trying to get it together.

Tee said...

That is awesome about your brothers!! I'm so happy for all of you.

Good twist at the end of your story!

Beth said...

I was happy to read good news! I didn't realize any of this was going on with your brother.

I hope you get accepted as well!

Toni Anderson said...

Great news Scott!!! Great stories!! Great day :)

Bailey Stewart said...

I got caught up in your story that I forgot to tell you that I'm happy things look like they could work out for you brother and step-brother.

Moni said...

Your writing never ceases to move me. Very nice.

And I'm so happy for your good news! :)

The Zombieslayer said...

Good job Dad. Your father is cool.

I hope Mike gets his act together.

Kathleen said...

I was glad to read the good news. I hope Mike reaches the point where he realises this is being done for his own good.

I'm in awe of you and Mr. Schprock's imaginations.

magnetbabe said...

That's awesome about your brother. I'm so glad for you and your family.

Your dad is the man. "Your dad doesn't sleep. He waits."

See:Random Chuck Norris facts

magnetbabe said...

Oh, one other thing. I read a blog where the guy does Flash Fiction Friday. FFF is explained on this website.

Jada's Gigi said...

What god news! I'm so happy for you and yours...
Great story, BTW...loved that ending! lol

Trevor Record said...

Scott, I hope your brother and step brother clean up. That is really rough stuff.

As for the story, good luck in the story contest.

Claire said...

Congrats on the news about your brother. That's awesome!

And I need to quit reading your stories...mine is just not so good.