Friday, April 28, 2006

Contest Over

The short story contest is closed and the results will be posted tomorrow at noon (if I read correctly). Winning or placing would be nice, but the contest already gave me a primer--a relit pilot light. I had another idea last night that I plan to work on. Part of my writer's block is an over exacting self editor--every idea had to be a gold mine. Basically I need to dare to suck. Besides, how many times have we all surprised ourselves with something wonderful out of nothing?

Before I forget, I have to tell you what my two-year-old did this morning. If you are a guy that gets squeamish over sentiment, then click away.

Emmett yelled this morning for his mother at 6:30, which in parent-time is the equivalent of teenage noon. I was greeted with bitter disappointment. "Noooo. I want mama!"

I approached him like a hunter to a felled beast, unsure of the mortality of the wound. He rolled away from me and attempted to shake loose from a blanket that had properly entwined his legs together. With his back to me he pointed to the tangle and demanded, "OFF!!"

I smiled and whisked the blanket away like a magician to a tablecloth. I bent over and kissed him of the soft velvety skin stretched between the neck and shoulders. He cocked his head to deny my access and giggled. When I pulled away he straightened out and said with a half laugh, "Again!" So I did, but this time he let me in, so I gave him a daddy zerbit.

When I was finished, I stood up and waited. Without turning around, he pointed to his ear and said, "Kiss my ear." And I did. That seemed to satisfy him.

That was a Hallmark moment people, the kind that memories are made of, a cinderblock in the foundation of parenthood. Take note all you dads that don't value time spent with your kids. These small little moments mean more than a brand new Porche for graduation, although some teenagers would disagree--as in all of them.

I'm volunteering at my older son's school today. I read a story and supervise a craft. The kids get in a circle afterwards, and the teacher directs a synchronized thank you, which is too cute for words.

Then I go to work and deal with the shithead. Such is life.

Have a good weekend my friends. Live long and prosper, be excellent to one another, and may the force be with you--and not necessarily in that order.

Peace out.


jenbeauty said...

Very sweet Scott!! My son, he likes numerous huggies and kissies (like 10) before he leaves mommy, daddy or sister....indeed....I give all he wants because someday I won't get those.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Mrs.T said...

That is wonderful to volunteer. I would except that my son would screw around all day while I was there and try and do obnoxious things to get my attention - yes he is 9.

My daughter would ignore me completely. Such is life.

Also, I love the 'be excellent to one another' -

Kathleen said...

That is so sweet. My younger nephews LOVE my brother and when he comes home, they yell, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy and hang around his legs for hugs. He proceeds to yell at them to stop hanging on him. It breaks my heart to see.

Bailey Stewart said...

What a magical moment. Have a great weekend too Scott.

Bhaswati said...

Lucky you to be able to treasure such moments. Your son is lucky to have a dad like you too, I bet. Was a pleasure reading this post :)

I am adding you to my blog links. You may do to, if you so wish. Cheers!

~ Sury

trinamick said...

Isn't that preferable to the teen years - "Eww, get off me!" :P

A friend of ours had a little boy who they always told people didn't like to be hugged. My mother ignored them, and forced him to give her a hug every time she saw him. It wasn't long that he was volunteering to give her a hug. Just because his parents didn't show emotion didn't mean he didn't like it. All kids need hugs.

Tee said...

Yes - I have a problem with daring to suck as well. LOL.

Two book recommendations that I am 100% sure you can appreciate.

Art & Fear. (I think I told you to read this before).

And I just finished "Raising Cain". I talk about it on my blog today - and your post today is a perfect example of a father being tender with his son. So sweet and sadly not common enough.

Toni Anderson said...

Why has no one else commented on the really lovely new digs? I am the first? Lovely, awesome :)

Lovely image with your little boy. I was just thinking something similar last night when I tucked mine into bed. Cuties.

Toni Anderson said...

3 lovelys in one post--must have had a good day :)

Bailey Stewart said...

That's because, Dear Toni, they weren't like this when I was by earlier.

Great layout Scott. I really like it.

Sadie Lou said...

I like the looks of your new blog. Very fresh. Keep telling us about those Father/Son moments, Scott. They are heart-meltingly delish!

magnetbabe said...

Love the new template! I almost went fot this one myself. You must have good taste ;)
Love the story. I hope Dean turns out to be as good of a dad as you are!

Scott said...

Sorry all, I've been at this template thing all day long and haven't come up for air. I've been wanting to do this for so long it was starting to ache. I love it, but perhaps I will work on creating my own header and footer images, then tweak the color style settings to lighten it up just a bit. I want this to be the one and only, but I thought this was a good start.

Tee - I saw the PBS special on Raising Cain, and you couldn't be more right. It was quite moving, and I'll have to pick that one up. As men we have to love our boys and teach them that it's all right to show feelings. What a sham and a shame that we grew up at arms length.

Nat - Ah, so you know. You're blog was the straw that broke my back.

Thanks again all for the nice comments. I've got kids in the tub and must run. Later!

Moni said...

Awe cute story Scott, you are so right about spending time with your children. Before you know it they're grown.

I love the new look...very nice! Oh, and you have a mighty fine weekend too. :)

jamie ford said...

Thanks for stopping by. And for sharing the kid moment. I have four, so my brain is hard-wired for appreciating such things. Kids are great. Chaos. But the good kind of chaos.

mr. schprock said...

I have to say I avoid the mushy stuff (and I'm not proud of that, btw), but I have found my ways to show my girls that I love them. What you have is special.

Thanks for the Porche idea.

Dixie Belle said...

Good luck with the contest. I like the new blog.

Flash said...

Those are the moments that you remember when your sitting on the couch with your wife after your teenage kid has just told you they hated you and wish you'd die and leave them...

Ahh memories.

And good luck with the contest.

Claire said...

Awesome! You sound like a great dad.

And I like the new blog, but black on dark is a little hard on my eyes. May have to pull out the glasses again. :)