Friday, April 14, 2006

This Weekend

I appreciate the advice on how to handle my officemate, and the offer of cheap counsel. The hug thing is a little beyond my means, but I kept my cool yesterday. He came in with a more subdued attitude, shook my hand and assured me that he has total respect--for himself. Ball buster.

I gave him something a little harder to do. As part of the design process, I like to implement some of the more complex portions to make sure I didn't miss something. It's a very dumb version without any safety checking or any bell or whistle, but it's enough to prove that I'm not dreaming. He was quite impressed with what I did get working, and it may have mellowed him slightly. Then I gave him something to do that he couldn't quite get his head around--and voila! A slice of humble pie.

An office mate that starts as early as I do, but is a full-timer, overheard management talking about my refusal to go full-time. The tone was respectful, but my salary requirement was too rich for them--as I said up front it would be--that it would blow the whole salary scheme for other employees. There is something to that. Knowing your value and demanding it. With it comes a certain respect, even if it isn't deserved. I feel deserving, don't get me wrong, but just by holding out or saying no creates the effect.

On the parenting side of things, last night was the third night in a row that our youngin slept through the night--no cry outs, no nothing, just blissful, uninterrupted sleep.


We're headed out to Newport Rhode Island this weekend for a family getaway. I've never been there, but I hear it's nice. We wrapped a bunch of easter gifts for the boys--a couple Air Hogs fliers, plastic barn animals, some candy and money in easter eggs, and got them ready for the trip. The easter bunny will find us no matter where we are.

Happy Easter to all. Have a great weekend.


Bailey Stewart said...

I think you handled office mate just fine - good job.

And Yay on the little one!

Have a great weekend.

Toni Anderson said...

All sounds good!!!

Claire said...

Enjoy Newport - it's an amazing place! Went there last year for the first time, and for a land locked gal like me, it's a great place to relax, with water on both sides and plenty of space to chill out.

Miranda said...

*brings you an Easter basket*
Happy Easter, Scott!

Dixie Belle said...

Happy Easter! I know you'll enjoy Newport.

Bailey Stewart said...

I hope you had a good time!