Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rock Star Super Sham

Rockstar Supernova is over, and Lukas Rossi won.

Excuse me while I stretch and yawn. What a joke. I'm glad that Tivo screwed up and recorded a rerun of Project Runway instead.

The show was a total sham. I posted earlier that my favorite was Dilana. If you were starting a serious rock band, the minute this girl auditioned you would walk outside and tell the rest of the people, thanks, but the position is taken. Seriously.

This probably sounds lame to anyone who thinks reality TV is a joke. I don't blame you. Because it really is. This show, although compelling and emotional, is plotted and executed just like any episode of House, ER, Desperate Housewives, CSI American City Of Your Choice--you name it. In fact, it barely managed to depart from last season's formula. But something went wrong. Dilana was so clearly better than the rest of the competition--her music was downloaded from the show's website more than all the other contestant's combined--that she was running away with it. If you were writing a story, that wouldn't make for a very exciting plot. She was comparable to Bruce Lee, winning every fight with a two inch punch to the chest, without taking a single punch in return.

So the producers intervened. They set up an interview show and asked Dilana some pointed questions. Who on the show really bothers you? Easy, she said, Lukas. Who of your competitors is just along for the ride? Magni, she said, who really misses his family and yearns to return home to Iceland to be with them. The producers pummeled her with the replays of those clips, and the world groaned in legion. She fell in the polls, seen now as a egotistical tyrant--a very bad winner. She started to crack; her confidence waned; her performances suffered. The boys from Supernova ripped her publicly, highlighting her weaknesses. She took it real hard and the camera laughed as she cried.

After all that bashing, she won second place, and will front the house band that will tour with Supernova. Which, if truth be known, is probably a better gig. Supernova is really bad. Bad will be brought to new lows with Lukas as lead singer. I truly am baffled at this decision, because the man cannot sing well. Obviously he has some talent, but he's painful to watch. We've fast forwarded through most of his performances. Awful. Embarrassing.

Want to see a real rock and roller do it? Watch Dilana sing Mother Mother on youtube.

There are some rumors floating around that the show was rigged. A leak two weeks ago revealed that Lukas would win.

Can you say, Quiz Show?


Flood said...

I didn't see any of the show, except for what you linked. I just wanted to know if there were any Godfather jokes about a name like Lukas Rossi.

Anonymous said...

Lukas sleeps with the fishes.

(Or is it the Fugees?)

A lawyer in my office did Trading Spaces. Very interesting to hear how it really works.

Kathleen said...

I didn't see any of the show except for about 20 seconds when Ellen had Storm Large on her show. I had NO CLUE who SuperNova was. I honestly watch no network television (except Ellen once in a while) and don't miss it.

fringes said...

TiVos don't screw up. Users do.

Scott said...

Flood - Nobody would even come close to mistaking this guy for someone so dangerous.

Jason - Now that sounds like a post Jason. Seriously, I'd like to hear more about this.

Kat - And you know what, you will never have any clue about them because they SUCK!!

Fringes - Too many overlapping shows. But too true.

Toni Anderson said...

Didn't see the show but she was good in the clip.

Reality TV--fixed? Say it isn't so :)

Tee said...

I wish I had a TiVo. Am I like the last person to get one? Typical :p

I didn't watch this show. I've been watching.... (shameful) Flavor of Love. ROFLMAO. It's so awful I can't look away.

Besides that it's mostly re-runs of Seinfeld or Everybody Loves Raymond.

I'm waiting for LOST to come back. The new show I'm most excited about is Ugly Betty.

Pop Culture Diva said...

I agree 100% that all of the drama with Dilana was manufactured by the producers to level the playing field. She was robbed but is definitely better off by not winning.

Moni said...

Never watched Rock Star, but my guilty pleasure is; dare I say? American Idol!


***sneaks out of the blog before anyone notices***

jenbeauty said...

Scott I would agree with you for the most part. I had liked Dilana from the beginning, but she did say what she said. It is part of Reality TV and you have to know going in that its ultimately about ratings. A little controversy goes a long way and she provided that.

Scott said...

Jen - I guess I made a mistake then. I was under the impression that this show was foremost about finding the right singer for the band. What they did was wrong, and I don't think setting Dilana up for such a big fall is right. What did she really do that was so awful anyway? She told the truth when asked a direct question. I can't stand Lukas either. Should I be strung up and castrated for it? But she has to be humble--but why????

Jim said...

I'm with you on this one, Scott. Dilana was far and away the better performer. She is infinitely adaptable and just has a generally more pleasant spirit about everything. Lukas is an arrogant little cuss, and it's unfortunate that the network felt they had to set up and sabotage Dilana the way they did in the name of getting better ratings. But water under the bridge. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Dilana, and I think Lukas will simply fade away.

Scott said...

Thanks for the backup Jim. I checked out your blog. Did you find me from one of the other writers I frequent?

Jim said...

Yeah, basically. I surf through occasionally. I've seen you from across the room at the parties that Jason Evans and Flood periodically throw at their places.