Thursday, May 04, 2006


You can never predict how much food the kids will eat. It's literally feast or famine. We were entertaining one of Jackson's friends that day, so we ordered a cheese and a pepperoni. The kids filled up on the dinner rolls, so we ended up boxing the remainder in large box.

Outside, my wife placed it on the hood while I strapped Emmett into his car seat. Beth corralled the other two, then strapped ourselves in and nodded a silent thumbs--up, taken from the growing library telepathic exchanges couples come to understand with each other.

Pulling out was tight, as there were two couples behind us having an animated conversation, and other cars trolling for parking spots, one having pulled in and waiting prohibitively close. I pulled back as far as I dared and cranked the wheel the opposite way. I crept forward and cringed, listening for the scrape of my bumper against the car that was parked next to me--but I squeaked by.

Out of the parking lot I turned left, passing back by the parking lot. A young man that looked vaguely familiar--or did he?--stepped out and waved at me as I drove by, and I stupidly waved back and smiled, thinking that I would sort it out later who he was. His wave wasn't urgent, just a casual hello, and his face was a placid mask of security. But who was he?

I asked my wife, "Did you recognize him?"

"No. I'm sure we don't know him."

"Then why the hell was he waving like that?"

"I don't know," she said.

"Do you think I almost hit one of the people in his group?" I thought with a start of anger of turning around and asking him if there was a problem. Don't be a punk I thought. But still, what was the deal?

"I wouldn't worry about it honey," my wife said.

"I suppose not." But it bothered me. It didn't make any sense. "But why would he make the effort to walk the edge of the street and wave?"

"True," my wife replied thoughtfully. Then, "Hey, where's the pizza?"

"You had it. Where did you put it?"

"On the hood of the truck... You don't think we drove off and left it, do you?"


mr. schprock said...

That reminds me of when I left my gas cap on the roof of the car, and a woman drove by pointing at my car and yelling something I couldn't make out through her closed window. My reaction: What the hell was THAT all about?

Of course, I figured it out . . . when it was too late.

jason evans said...

Gives a new meaning to "road pizza." Oh well. There's goes tomorrow's lunch.

Toni Anderson said...

LOL. My dearly beloved husband did that with my (our) camera in Northern Queensland. Cape Tribulation--end of the paved road with nothing buy cassawaries and crocs to worry about (and spiders and snakes ect). We drove back looking for it, only to be chased down by some other car going in the opposite direction, people who had seen us looking, seen the camera and tracked us down! How nice! Saved me killing him :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, thank you for the laugh, I loved it. I haven't done anything like this yet ... Will probably do it tonight though. It took me a while to lock the keys in a running car - my payback for laughing at someone who had done the same thing.

ann marie simard said...

Hi there..... I have seen you everywhere with your "photo" - Marcel - I think you just have to enter my writing contest. I saw you at Jason's... max one thousand words... I need your help!!!

Ann Marie @ poetic justice

Jada's Gigi said...

Oh yeah, I've done that...well not pizza but cups of coffe, glasses of iced tea, notebooks...papers flying kinda give that one away as you dirve off...I guess I'm absent minded...hey wait a minute! I haven't done those things once since my kids moved out! I knew my mind would find its way back some day!

Kathleen said...

I'm so utterly paranoid about doing something like this that I have never done it. Of course, now that I've said this, I'll do something like it tonight.

One of my friends in college locked the keys in her car with the car running TWICE! I laughed so hard at her that I was certain I was going to do it again one day. 20 years later I still haven't done it - at least not by accident.

trinamick said...

We drove about 25 miles once with my grandpa's briefcase on the top of the car. Cars kept going by and pointing (the people, not the cars), and Grandpa got pissed, thinking they were telling him he was going too slow. Someone finally held up a note. The briefcase stayed up there until he stopped. Then it fell off and broke open. Didn't improve the mood one bit.

magnetbabe said...

Better the pizza than one of the kids.hpom

magnetbabe said...

Sorry about the "hpom". Before you try to figure out the latest LOL, LMAO, IMHO, etc.- it was the word verification. I typed it in the wrong spot. It's one of those days.

Mrs.T said...

OMG, That is so funny.

I've so done that!

Bhaswati said...

LOL. Heartfelt commiserations, Scott.

Claire said...

Reminds me of the day after Christmas - it's snowing blue blazes and there's biting winter wind. Mom was nice enough to fill the car up for me at the gas station, but when we got going again, I noticed I kept hearing this noise. Thunk thunnk...and some air drag.

It finally hit me, and when i pulled over, I was right. Mom not only forgot to close the door to the gas tank, she forgot to screw on the gas cap (luckily, it's attached so i didn't lose it!)

ann marie simard said...

Hi - I have transferred 245 credits t o your BE account!

Ann Marie