Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Love is Alive

It's been said that kids are the death of romance. But I beg to differ. Take this Sunday for instance. For all intents and purposes we were trapped indoors by the onslaught of rain. Entire streets in our town were cut off by flood, some businesses closed. So we stayed home-and the kids went crazy. They ran up and down the hallway screaming; tore cushions from the couch and built forts; dumped bins of toys on the floor to play with a single figurine. When the fun of all that wore off, say, after about fifteen minutes or so, Jackson started into teasing his little brother.

It's quite amusing really. The technique Jackson has mastered is one that marketing people spend four years at college to master. It's called Creating the Need. It goes something like this:

He sneaks a furtive look to see if the we are watching. Ah, the coast is clear. "Hey Emmett, I've got a toy diiinosaurrrrrr, a velociraptor! Isn't it cool?"

Emmett's eyes snap to attention, and his hands reach out. "Let me see."

"Sorry, this is special to me, and I'm not ready to share."


"It's my turn to play with it Emmett," he says indignantly.

"What is going on here," I say, pretending not to know already. Then I listen as Jackson weaves his tale of misery and woe. I explain about sharing and teasing for the thousandth time, while Jackson hears the blah-blah-blah, and Emmett waits expectantly for deliverance of the raptor that he must have to feel right with the world again.

Back in the kitchen, my wife waits for super dad to return. She puts her arms around me, and whispers in my ear. "You just wait until the kids are in bed."

That got my attention. "Yeah?" I say with a sly smile.

"Tonight is the Sopranos!"

You see? The Judds said it best. Love is alive, and here by me-on the couch.


Mrs.T said...

This is great! I want to build forts!

We've not gotten NEARLY as much rain as predicted.. but I'm really rather pleased about it. I may even get to take Ely for a walk today..

Flood said...

"Sorry, this is special to me, and I'm not ready to share."

Haha. Kids think they're so smart.

mr. schprock said...

"Tonight is the Sopranos!"

Hmmm . . . is that a euphemism for something?

Kathleen said...

It's nice to know that kids are the same no matter where they grow up.

Scott said...

Mrs T - It's nice to see the sunshine again isn't it?

Flood - They hear and remember--everything.

Mr. Schprock - No, this was a literal moment...

Kat - True, we're not too far apart, across years and miles.

Bailey Stewart said...

What a great scene! I loved it, thanks for sharing.

And you can send some of that rain down here - we're about to go into a drought for the second summer in a row.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the wonderful, euphoric play...for 15 minutes. So true! Great description of the home-bound day.

And dang those mixed signals!

Toni Anderson said...

LOL! I can see it all!! Every crash and every twinkle.

Hope you don't have TOO much rain, it looks bad on the news.

magnetbabe said...

Too funny. I love rainy, don't-leave-the-house days but that might change when I have kids. I love that line Jackson used. Did he get that from you or Beth?

Moni said...

Ha! "Tonight's the Sopranos!" It was literal and your wife didn't make you sing soprano for that one? lol Wonderful and uplifting, bless you and your family. ;)

Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

I often hear the same muffled (or not so muffled) sounds of bickering in the back of the house. When I've been called in to settle one too many disputes, I tell my daughters that I really don't want to hear anything else from them unless something or someone is broken, bleeding, or on fire.

Bhaswati said...

Such a cute family vignette. Please keep posting more of these!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that's code for some foul and depraved act too heinous to detail in these hallowed pages.

jenbeauty said...

*giggles* I think I love this post best of all!!

Miranda said...

For me it would be Monk.
I'm glad your day was a fun one ;).