Wednesday, August 09, 2006

That Pesky Work Thing

I have several thoughts on the married couple slash friends debacle, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow. Tee sent me a link to read on the subject of American lonliness, which I haven't gotten around to yet. A friend sent me another, completely out of the blue, a sheer coincidence but applicable to this very conversation. His had more to do with mixing politics and friends, or the hazards thereof. I can name one example where I blew up at a friend over politics and she hasn't spoken to me since. That was just before the last presidential election.

So tune in tomorrow. My wife called as soon as I sat down to post, then my dad, then somebody chatted me at the office for fifteen minutes, then that pesky work thing got in the way. You know, my job job, the one that pays the bills. Yeah, that one.

There were a few new visitors yesterday. Valannin has an interesting blog, so stop by and check him out. Amra gave a great interview on Flood's blog on Monday. She has quite an interesting background.


Jaye Wells said...

OMG, friends and politics do not mix. Especially during elections. Since most of my friends are firmly entrenched on the opposite side of the aisle from me, it's a scary time.

Beth said...

I ruined a friendship over a political debate, but he was a total schmuck so it was actually a good thing. I possibly was trying to lose the friendship. haha

fringes said...

Friendships are meant to expire in stages, I think. Some of them are like sitcoms that run way too long, jumping the shark all over the place. Others are old habits like "All My Children". No matter when you tune in, it's the same cast of characters doing the same old thing and there is comfort in there somewhere.

Scott, I left a question for you in my comments.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

They do say you shouldn't discuss religion and politics with friends.

I disagree though,

I think real friends can discuss anything if they keep it civil.

Or if they really enjoy fisticuffs!

Flood said...

Elections are bad here too, because I am also usually on the wrong side of the fence, in comparison to friends. i try to be humourous, but people get hot under the collar.

Although lately, the satste of the world has made me pretty hot under the collar, too.

Jada's Gigi said...

I think whoever said that an internet sevice should be created for getting couple friends together, like dating services make matches, had a great idea there...I wonder if money could be made doing just that? hmmmm
One thing I find fun to do is to have dinner parties..I know that isn't everyones cupotea but it helps to get to know several people at the same time..its good for us and good for them, we can invite practical strangers like people from work or our neighbors...if they never come back to what...maybe they'll hook up with someone they meet at my house...of course I'm a chatty cathy and so is my hubby ...we can talk to brick

Valannin said...

The day after the 2004 Bush election, one of my closest friends in the world came into work, hunted me down and said "You and your kind are going to destroy the world!" Only, imagine that laced with more profanity, Then she started crying and walked away. Did I mention that she's from California? Did I mention that I didn't even vote? Thankfully a couple of days later, she decided that I wasn't the antichrist after all and began speaking to me again, but I'd hate to lose a friend over such a trivial event as the US Presidential Election.

Great link to the CNN article, BTW. This is something I can definitely shoehorn in for my article on Dating websites.

Don't ask.

Tee said...

I'll be in tomorrow then! Can't wait to hear what you think.

And politics are dangerous to talk about with anybody these days. LOL. There seems to be a bit of a road rage phenomenon the past few years. People can't control themselves in civilized debate. There's just too much pent up stress and frustration about the issues.

Moni said...

Man! I hate that "work" thing too.

Scott said...

Jaye - I have some conservative tendencies, although I consider myself a liberal in many ways. Miyagi said it best: squash, just like grape.

Beth - You and me both Beth. I try to avoid it, or at least try to keep it civil. I succeed 99% of the time.

Erica - I think you have it right. Friends don't last forever, and most weren't meant to. Sad though.

Toast - I'm with you there. A good friend should still be your friend after a good disagreement, no matter how awful the argument got. Perhaps we just need to find the right kinds of friends and use better judgement when we choose.

Flood - At least you think for yourself. I would hope all your friends could at least appreciate what courage it takes to stand alone.

Cheryl - I've mentioned this to several people, and the idea really strikes a chord. You may be onto something here.

Valannin - Hoo wee. I know exactly what you are talking about. I lived in California during the campaign, and it was ugly. One guy threatened to hit me over the face with a two by four. I got a group email from someone complaining about the results, so I replied with a three or four page rebuttal. He started by telling me that I didn't care about my country, and blah blah blah. Then the threat, which was safe because he lived far away, but still. I was tempted to look the guy up and give him that chance. Ironic what warlike behavior he resorted to.

Tee - Sorry, I haven't had time to read the article this morning. My company didn't pay the internet bill so I had to wait until mid-morning. Tomorrow?

Moni - I wish I could just live off the land for a while.