Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Always Bugs

We live in the country. This means wildlife of many sorts--snakes, mice, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, opossums, moles, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks. But for the first two, my wife is ok. Bugs however are unacceptable. This morning there is a lumpy pile of carpenter ants swarming on a tray of ant poison, so I just let it be. I forgot to leave a warning note.

I just got the call. To her credit though, she is maintaining her nerve. Just let them take the poison back to the nest. It will be over soon.

If you haven't done so already, check out Jason's contest. Today is the last day. There are some pretty disturbing stories there, so if you are faint of heart... Good stuff there. Check out Flood, Toast, Jaye and Schprock's entries. And of course my own! Jamie Ford, the winner of Jason's previous contest, has a late entry that impressed me too.

** Update **

This is funny. An old post of mine was just viewed by someone who searched google with the terms: Shit where you eat office romance. The very end of the resulting post ends with almost those exact terms. The post is called office romance, and the ending says:
My dad always said, don't take a shit where you eat, the wise old sage that he is, but I prefer something with a little subtext: never dip your pen in company ink.

Jeez, I wonder if I've been found out!


Flood said...

Lotsa great stuff to read over at the contest. Some creepy and some moving. Fun to see what people do with the theme.

I love the shit 'where you/pen in ink' quote. Would you be unhappy if you were exposed?

Apropos of nothing (other than you writing 'shit' and me being a linear thinker), Mr Flood has been having a hard time at work lately, and last night wondered aloud how much longer he would have to 'eat the shit sandwich.' I'm sorry to report that I laughed too hard to be supportive for a while.

Scott said...

I would not be unhappy in the slightest. If I knew she were reading, I would lay it on thicker and heavier.

Ah, the proverbial shit sandwhich. I can see the moment clearly and would have had trouble keeping it in too. I feel for you sister.

fringes said...

Good morning! I have nothing to add of substance. Just stopping through to say hello and thanks for keeping my blog warm while I was away. I'll play catch up with all your posts by the end of the day. Definitely will read your entry in Jason's contest.

Bailey Stewart said...

Your story was wonderful Scott. I haven't had time to read the other entries though. I'll try to get back there.

pen in ink too funny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a great google hit! You should be proud!

I just received entries to push us over the amount of entries for the last contest. Very cool! So much wonderful writing.... People seem to be having a great experience.

Kathleen said...

I went over earlier this morning and read a few of the stories. I managed to find the ones that are not for the faint of heart. I'm a little scared of you all. ;-)

Beth said...

Carpenter ants. I'm dealing with them right now, Scott. I'll have to check out the stories.

Tee said...

LOL! I wonder what this person was looking for in the first place?!

Moni said...

"she kissed the end of her cigarette to his." Never has smoking been so dangerously romantic; brimming with youthful abandonment.

Very nice! :)

Jaye Wells said...

Thanks for the plug. I have been having a great time reading everyone's entries. We've got some real talent around here. I don't envy Jason right now.

I love the shit sandwich line. I threw up a little bit when I read it, but I think I'll use it anyway.