Friday, June 09, 2006

Coming Up

Next week is my first days of full time. The people around me have changed, now that I've been pulled into the fold, the erstwhile hired gun finally convinced to don the badge. A certain easiness has developed, a smile, a pat on the back, lunch inquiries. People are seeing me for the first time, through sleepy eyes. I'm different too, and find that the meetings are actually fun, a chance to sharpen my wit--and be involved and take ownership of my work.

My officemate Dave, the one I've had trouble with in the past, congratulated me on taking the post. He had trouble hiding his disappointment. When I told him, I could see that invisible inner-eyelid shut and his eyes flutter, even as the words came from his mouth. Later he admitted that he had hoped to take over for me when I left. I can appreciate the sentiment, and his honesty in telling me.

He talks too loud, and too much. Not a good combination. The fact that he responds to criticism, deftly given of course, is a good sign. He has a good heart--I think. I wonder if he was raised by his mother.

At a meeting yesterday, our manager mentioned another Dave at our company. My Dave said, "I'm assuming you are not talking about me, right?"

"No, the other Dave," Ted said, "Sorry, I know it's confusing. There's another Ted at this company too, and I never know if they're talking about me."

I added, "I know. Everytime I hear someone yell, 'Hey Asshole!'..." I did a pantomime, jerked my head around, searching for the unseen caller. Then I threw my hands out, palms up, with a lost look on my face. Mike was also in the meeting, who has shared some of that guy talk with me (remember, physics, the properties of physics?), repeated everything I said and broke into hysterics. Ted grinned at me like a proud father, and Dave looked, shall we say, unamused.

That's why I like it here.

I'll be coaching tee ball on Saturday if it dries up, as the regular coach is out of town. I also get another crack at coaching my son's soccer team for three mini-games on Sunday, as the real coach has other responsibilities surrounding related events. Cool. Let's see if I can't squeeze our second victory out of these little tykes, the first coming the last time I subbed.

I will build an army, and rule the vorld!


Moni said...

I'm first, I don't think I've ever been first...I'm special. Ha!

Glad you're getting settling into your job now. I hate the awkwardness of starting a new job, but then again, you were already there so this should be a piece of cake. The "asshole" reference; good ice breaker...too funny!

Good luck on your coaching duties as well. If you can get them to stop looking at bugs, gazing at the clouds, playing with the strings on their uniforms, and chatting with their friends long enough to actually play a game, then job well done my friend. :)

Maybe it's only girls that do that. :)


Scott said...

Yeah, no problems on the job. The new job jitters passed long ago. As for the kids, there is no distinction between the boys and the girls at this age. They all comtemplate their navels out there.

Beth said...

When I worked outside of the home, I was known as the office jokester, but I also had this inner beast inside of me that would stomp on anyone to climb higher. Isn't that terrible?

I love dads that coach. My husband only did this one year and he never looked more attractive to me. =)

Flood said...

Moni's right about it maybe being a girl thing. My daughter's first season of soccer, she often stopped to pick dandelions to bring them to me during play. Are little boys that easily distracted when they are supposed to chase after the ball?

btw I am SO excited about the World Cup.

I hope you love the new job!

Tee said...


Glad you're getting used to the job. It does take awhile! I loved the "asshole" joke. Very funny.

Good luck with the games!

Kathleen said...

In my company, the assumption in meetings is that you know everybody so when someone says "Talk to John." you're supposed to know who the hell they're talking about. There are 6000 people in THIS BUILDING alone!!! I usually wait until the meeting is over and then ask someone "Who the hell is John?"

magnetbabe said...

Isn't funny how people open up when they know you'll be around for awhile? Just try not to get involved in gossiping and drama, though you're definitely not the type.

Good luck coaching! I loved your last coaching post, I'm expecting more funny stories!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck at the office, Scott! It sounds like you're doing more than your part to fit into the culture. :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Sounds like things will work out just fine at the office. LOL asshole, er, Scott.

You'll have fun coaching. And yes, boys can be just as bad - instead of dandelions, they pick up bugs to bring to the parents.

Toni Anderson said...

LOL on the joke :)
Moving around has the same effect on people. Other moms don't want to invest in a friend who is leaving in 6 months (not everyone but some of them). Also if you aren't staying at a job I think they wonder if you don't think they're good enough or worthy enough and act accordingly.

Have fun coaching :)

trinamick said...

Sounds like Dave needs a better sense of humor. Or maybe he's just jealous that you get on so well with the others.

Anyone coaching little kids has to have the patience of Job. Tears? Let's just forget the score - ice cream for everyone!

mr. schprock said...

Does Dave have the classic "lean and hungry look"? I'd watch out for that little bastard.

As for your son's tee ball team, during practice take away the tee and start pitching to them inside. Give 'em a little chin music. And mix some human growth hormone into their chocolate milk. Let's turn those kids into ballplayers!

Bhaswati said...

Great show at work, Scott. Well done ;)

I hope your coaching brings victory to the little soldiers.

Good luck!

Claire said...

So how was the Tee ball game?