Friday, June 23, 2006

Lost Nail

My youngest son had his finger shut in a door yesterday and lost the whole nail. The part under the skin too. He was calm when I met up with the family in the emergency room, but when he saw me he reached out and sniffled.

The beotch doctor told me that it may never grow back with a stone face, then lingered with the is-there-anything-else look. I felt like punching her for her worn out apathy. We might be cattle to you bitch, but that's my son you are regarding like bacteria in a petrie dish. Three hours and they sent us home with a bandaid.

I finished my Midnight Road entry for Jason's short short contest, but I want to look it over before submitting. The deadline is the 28th, so what's the hurry? Maybe I'll write a few more and pick from my favorites. I liked my second entry in the Two Lights contest better than my official entry anyway.

Have a good weekend all.


mr. schprock said...

Yeah, talk about your bedside manner.

If it means anything, I lost a toenail and that grew back just fine.

Writing Blind said...

I hope the little one's okay. Stupid, stupid doctor. Maybe one day she'll find out karma is a bitch.

trinamick said...

Holy crap, that sent shivers down my spine. My BIL has lost his nails more than once - he's a carpenter with bad aim. But his have always grown back too.

Bailey Stewart said...

Sorry about the fingernail. It really depends how far down the nail broke off.

Good luck on the contest. I'm still debating. Life isn't too productive right now.

Flood said...

On the scale of injuries, sometimes the 'littlest' are the most cringe-worthy. Losing nails, tongue wounds(don't ask), testicle kicking (I don't even have any, but I cringe anyhow).

Poor kid.

I know what you mean about waiting on the contest. There are pros and cons to waiting or getting it in right away. It's terrible when you submit early and see where you could have done better.

Shesawriter said...

Oh, God. Just reading about that makes my finger hurt. Poor baby.

Good luck with the entry. I read about four of them so far and commented on one that I really liked. I'll probably go back and read some more over the weekend.

Jaye Wells said...

Poor, kiddo. I lost a toenail once. Hurt like hell. I am happy to say it grew back. Perhaps the cold hearter ER lady was wrong.

The contest is heating up. More entries every day. Makes me think I should have waited longer. Oh well. I'm enjoying readiing everyone's entries.

Dixie Belle said...

Sorry to hear about your son. I think the nail will grow back. You might want to keep an eye on it for infection for a few days.

Anthony J. Rapino said...

Not a bad idea writing a few and picking the best. I was going to do that, but I am notoriously impatient.

Sadie Lou said...

Just read the interview on Flood's blog. That was so cool. I love that blogging transcends boundries--we can and do, write about whatever we want, whenever we want. That interview was far meatier than anything Rolling Stone has to offer.
Scott--well done answering those bigger than life questions. You have a knack.
I expect great things from you so don't disappoint me!
I watched Match Point last night...
actually, it's not fair to say "I watched it" because we ended up pulling it out. The infidelity bothered us and we don't usually stop watching a movie for those kinds of reasons but this one really got under our skin. I suppose that's a huge compliment to Mr. Woody Allen--it was too personal; too raw. I felt dirty watching the two lovers have sex behind the backs of people who love them...
Thanks for the suggestion.

Anthony J. Rapino said...

Thanks for stoppin' by the blog. Yeah, From the moment I started writing, I also started submitting. Part of my love for writing is also the desire to be read. I encourage you to submit--the rejections get easier with each one, and the acceptances are pure bliss.

I'm adding your blog to my links.


desiderata said...

Hi Scott:

Sorrry about the kid's suffering; re the Doc, don't be too harsh as these folks in the medicare profession deal with hundreds and the piorities of pain differ from ours (as patients!) There are some naturals (by temperament suited to being docs, for these we say Thanks! I've met many too.)

Hey, THANKAS for visiting with Comment at Midnight Roadshow. I ask agin -- is that pic really YOU, great scott, IT rem,einds me of someone great, and pardon me if I can't tell as I'm Msian. (You might have hearrd of my ex_(You might have heard of my EX-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.)~~~:)

Scott said...

Mr. Schprock - I does a little, but I need his to come back. Know what I mean?

Blind - Maybe she just needs a long vacation.

Trina - I've lost a few of my own, but not to the nub like this. I know, it's freaky.

Bailey - All the way. All of it. Scary. I hope you get in on the contest.

Flood - Yes, this happened to me the first time and I am glad already to have waited.

Tanya - Yeah, I saw your comment. That's nice that you hold out for the ones you like. Too bad you are so verbose (self-reportedly of course) that you won't give a contest like this a shot.

Jaye - I'm enjoying it too. I'm way more involved in this contest than before. Your story is excellent, by the way.

Dixie - Thanks for the heads up. We are all over it. You can rest assured.

Anthony - I already commented to you, but I am the same way. It was a supreme act of will power not to submit yet. Look for it in the next couple days.

Sadie - Thanks for reading the interview. It was so much fun to do. Sorry you didn't make it through the movie, but I know what you mean. It had plenty of surprise left for you yet.

Desiderata - Hey, thanks for dropping by. I can't have too much sympathy for the doc. She didn't have to be so curt and cold, regardless of her other concerns. I could understand if I were being rude and she was responding in kind, but she was just cold and mean, and our son had been there for three hours. I could go on.

As for the avatar, that is none other than the legendary Wyatt Earp. I am nothing like him, nor do I look like him. I'm fine with how I look, but I sure would like to have some of his grit. And I have not heard of your ex-PM. I'll google that later though!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Yes, karmic justice will catch up with this overly clinical medic before too long.

Vest said...

I had six toe nails crunched during my navy career, two large ones never grew back, one toe part/amp. Two disfigured nails on left hand(car door job)

Doctors are mostly insensitive artisans like Plumbers and Carpenters, fixing arteries and straightening nails but rarely perfect. only miraculously will it grow back to normality.
Hopes dashed ? I hope i'm wrong.

Scott said...

Vest - Regardless of where my hopes lie, you certainly have had a row of it. I hope you are wrong too.

Kathleen said...

I suppose doctors become callous after dealing with everything all day long, but still, it's a little boy! And I'm sure the nail will grow back, my sister loses her toenails after marathons all the time.

And just a sniffle? What a brave boy! *hugs* to the little sweetie.

Toni Anderson said...

(((Scott's little boy)))