Monday, June 19, 2006

I've Been Interviewed

Want the straight scoop on the man behind the blog? Check out my interview on Flood's blog today. I am quite pleased with it actually. And what a break from blogging it gives me today. Now I can cruise around and visit you all instead!


Anonymous said...

A great read, Scott!

It shines with your style. Humor and poignancy intertwined.

Flood said...

Thanks for being a great subject. Was a lot of fun to work with you.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

The family that slays together, stays together.

Ho ho.

I feel a zombie horror coming on......

Scott said...

Jason - Thank you very much!

Flood - The feeling is mutual.

Toast - I liked that line too.

Jada's Gigi said...

Good interview...I'll bet you had fun doing it too.

Dixie Belle said...

Enjoyed the interview. Someday, I know I'll say I knew him when....

E-query is just a regular query letter and synopsis sent by email rather than snail mail. It was on a book I already had written, that had been rejected by another publisher and I decided I needed to market it again. One of those wild hair moments! LOL

mr. schprock said...

Scott, incredible interview! It could have scrolled on for a ten miles and I would have read every word. I'll repeat here what I said on Flood's blog: if I weren't already a regular reader, I would be now!

Bhaswati said...

What a treat that interview was! Thoughtful, evocative, honest. Thanks for giving us a chance to know Scott, the man and Scott, the writer deeper.

With your talent, publication is just a matter of time, Scott. And not a long time at that. Good luck :)

Janie said...

Darn, Scott, great interview, and thanks for the mention. I feel honored. And I am such a witch. Laughing.

Memento. The Fight Club. Is this the Scott of John Hughes. I think not. LOL!

I love Memento. You know, the first part of your short story had some tones of The Fight Club.

Magic Realism, Scott. Surreal. Experimental fiction. Non-linear.

You could do that, why? You write great conversation. And it takes that to write those kinds of stories. Dialogue is the bone that holds all the other together.

Bailey Stewart said...

Great interview Scott - a lovely stroll through an interesting psyche. I think you're heading for big things.

Scott said...

Cheryl - Thanks. I had a great time doing it. Got into a groove a few times there.

Dixie - Oh, so you already had the work done beforehand. Shucks. I was hoping for a shortcut... Thanks for the comps!

Mr. Schprock - Just for that, lunch is on me!

Bhaswati - That can only bode well coming from you. Thanks.

Janie - So should I concentrate on a particular genre then? What is it called and how do I investigate the parameters? I should aim for something I think.

Ahem, this is going to be difficult at the start... Bailey. There, that wasn't so hard. Bailey, I really appreciate that. Thanks.

Shesawriter said...

Wow! You go boy. That was great.

Janie said...

It's called a novel, Scott and there are no boundaries.

Don't fence yourself in. You can write a novel. You can do the Tobias W. thingie and you could do Fight Club thingie too.

You just got to sit down and find a story in you. I am sure there are plenty from your background.

Fight Club is a great novel. These are what I call *gut* stories. There are about exploring and you never know what you are going to find.

There's room for that in YA too.

You just need to think of it as a novel and forget genre.

Don't ever think about it again.