Thursday, June 29, 2006

You Guys are the Best

It's days like yesterday that make me realize how much support I really have. Thank you all so very much for stopping by to remind me. There was a theme across the comments: don't forget the little people. How can one little person forget the people he looks up to anyway? If I do make it someday, it will be because of the support I got right here.

Totally unrelated, a deer just walked across my front yard, but was gone before the kids flattened their little faces to the windows. Add that to the ever growing list of wildlife we live amongst.

So, get this. The contest I entered that is yielding my first publishing credit--I asked the editor via email what place I took, since the acceptance letter indicated that my story was to be featured. That could mean anything. The reply was this:

There were 80 submissions; you received First Place and "The Big Show" Second Place.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night.

**** Update ****

I've contacted Deathlings and let them know that the story has been up on this blog. Thank you for the advice everyone. My fate is in their hands right now. This isn't exactly an online publication, but I will respect their decision when it comes. If I did it once, I can do it again.


Anthony J. Rapino said...

Hmmm. I'd suggest deleting the story here. If it is just a post on the blog, you should be able to delete it, and I think that's a good idea, since some ppl consider posting writing opn public sites as "published."

And just to cover yourself, if you do decide to give them the blogsite in your bio (which I think is a fine idea), you might also want to delete the posts mentioning said story.

Maybe I'm paranoid and nothing would happen, but better safe, eh?

Oh, and yes, I've had a couple published stories (only one that I was paid for, so far).

Congrats again, especially on the first polace out of 80, that's gotta feel good!


Toni Anderson said...

I think It would be OK to take it down. Afterall--we've all read it :)

I wouldn't get hyperparanoid though.

I wish I was paid by the word ;-)

Hey--I meant to put this on my blog and must find the Info but the Surrey International Writers Festival runs a contest. I'm thinking of entering but I have to say, I stink at contests generally LOL!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Yaaay! Congratulations on your story! $100 - cool!
Too bad the kids missed the deer...they'll be back...

mr. schprock said...

Wow! First place out of 80 submissions! Mama mia!

Jaye Wells said...

I agree. Take it down. And always include your blog in your bio.

And congrats on first place!

Writing Blind said...

First place, that's awesome. I don't really have any advice vis a vis, the story. I know some places consider personal websites published and some don't. I definitely think you should link to your blog in your bio though, it'll just send that much more traffic your way.

Flood said...

I agree that if you have any worry about the story being on the blog, you could take it down, but it would mean this post has to go too, right? I suspect that since the genesis of this story was another contest in which you were to post it on your blog, it might not be an issue.

I have a hard time with bios too, since I am not published. Aspiring writer? Author of the Hard To Want blog? Reviewer of SLQ?

After this though, bios will be easy because you can say you appeared in deathlings, etc. (Among others as they happen.)

The ranking you got is fantastic and I really couldn't be happier for you.

Bailey Stewart said...

I've heard of them, does that count? I just don't remember where. I know this would take some time, but I think everyone else is right - delete all references to the story. All the blog entries about it. Link your blog - get more traffic.

Meretta said...

Better to take it down is my thought, too.

CONGRATULATIONS Scott! Great achievement. :D

Sue said...

According to deathlings' website submissions page, payment is for First Worldwide Electronic Rights. It is possible that you have used those first rights when you posted the story to your blog.

I'd recommend that you check with the editor at deathlings who contacted you to let you know your piece had been accepted for publication. Taking the story off your blog won't change the fact that it was posted there... it could well be stored in an internet cache somewhere.

Explain the situation to them and see what they say. Always, always be upfront and honest with editors about what rights you have to offer them.

If they do decide to give your story a pass because they aren't getting First Rights... you still have the satisfaction of knowing that you placed first in the contest.

Stacy Dawn said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog and MAJOR CONGRATs to you! That is awesome!

Scott said...

All - I think all of you are right. Sue, thank you for your sound advice. Hiding is no way to start a career. I've contacted Deathlings and will wait to see how they feel.

fringes said...

I can't remember the source, but recently read that your blog doesn't count as a first published source. Deathlings may or may not ask you to remove the story from your blog for now, but they should not rescind the publishing offer based on it being on your blog first.

Congratulations on first place. Out of 80. Feels like first place out of a million, does it not?

Scott said...

It definitely feels like I surmounted some pretty big odds. I hope you are right about the first published source.

ruby55 said...

Wait, please don't take that story down quite yet. I'm not sure I've read your "golden moment". I'd like to be able to say I read it before it was published.

Anyway, big congratulations. Things are really moving everywhere I look. It's awesome. Maybe my dreams will still come true, too. Here's hoping and praying. It's not in the story field so I'm not presenting competition for anybody I know of. Yes, the validation is really *so* important. All I get from my brothers is negative comments like "who really cares about grammar and using the right words". Or "English is always changing. Who needs knowledge of certain rules?" No wonder I'm always down on myself and can't "focus on the positive" instead of the negatives in my life. What positives? if they keep shooting down my dreams and hopes.

Sorry for the rant but I'm really so pleased for you. Once you have a foot in (or is it out) the door, it's so much easier to make the journey especially with a first place winner.

I'm really excited for you. Actually, now that I see the comments from others, maybe you had better take the story down. I'll wait until it comes out.

Scott said...


I'm going to wait for a reply before bringing it back up again. As for your dreams, just keep writing. And believe me, you and I are on the same road. This is just a start. It's too bad you get so much negative from your family. Do like I do and put some work online for others to read and comment on, and encourage constructive advice as well. Join a writers group. I wish I belonged to one right now, but my online community helps a lot.

Good luck!

Sue said...

You're welcome, Scott. I'm glad you decided to contact deathlings. In cases like this it is always best to consult with your editor. The on-line first rights issue seems to confuse a lot of people.

jamie ford said...

Congrats Scott, that's very exciting. I'm sure the blog posting is no big deal. I'd be stunned if it was a problem.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Congrats. Scotty!

Keep it up.

The good work, I mean. I'm not sure about the story. I doubt it would cause any trouble having it up here too.

Dixie Belle said...

Number 1 out of eighty. That is terrific! Keep up the good work!