Friday, June 02, 2006

The Music's Over

No pun intended, but the rollercoaster ride is finally over. I should partition the story to give you some idea of just how clueless I was staring at the periodic blankness beyond. That was a challenge, but one that I am happy to have overcome.

So now it has been submitted to the editor of you very much Ms. Flood--and I'm waiting for a reply. I've started another short story so as not to lose momentum, even if I have lost enthusiasm. Maybe my best is yet to come.

Interesting thing though. I used 45 of my blogexplosion credits to attract readers to read my story. Not a single one of them stayed. Of course I understand it was very long. Most visitors probably paged down two or three times and said no way! Still, I was disappointed. There probably needs to be service for writers that want the critique of other writers, similar to blogexplosion, where each critique you give guarantees one in return. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to read my treatise. We are all busy people after all.

So, it's Friday already. Wow. This week has flown by. I'm looking at a pretty nice offer to work full time at the company I'm contracting to. If the boss, I mean, uh, if my wife likes the health plan, I'd like to accept. All things taken into consideration, I'll take home more money than I am today. More than that though, I enjoy some of the people I work with. Not everyone, but I'm not foolish enough to think there isn't an asshole in every shop. Once you start running... Well, you know the old adage. Except I have been running--my whole life. It's time to turn around and face the phantom menace.

Have a good weekend!


Bailey Stewart said...

If they paged down and said "no way" then it's their loss - the story was mesmerizing.

The job thing sounds pretty good.

Flood said...

I think it's a triumph, already - I really do. Still, I am sending you good vibes across the internet in the meantime. *zing*

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


The phantom menace.

It still hurts...

Dixie Belle said...

Scott, I just read your story and it is excellent. Imagery is your gift. I hope it will do well in the contest. Keep us posted.
Also, good luck with the job situation.

magnetbabe said...

Maybe they scrolled down and said, "Um, maybe later".
Congrats on the offer! I have never worked in a place where there wasn't at least one asshole. My mom has a magnet on her fridge with Snoopy on it saying, "If assholes were planes, this place would be an airport." So there.

Scott said...

I haven't read it but I will tonite as my wife will be out for the evening and I'll need something to do.

Not that your story is only worthy of my time unless there is nothing else going on, but you understand.

What industry is it that you specialize in, btw?

mr. schprock said...

I'm with Magnetbabe — congratulations on the job offer. Putting down some roots could possibly be a good thing. Of course, you're talking to someone who has worked for the same company since 1987!

Scott said...

Eve - Thank you thank you.

Flood - Got it Flood. You are right, it already is a triumph.

Toast - Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Hope you are doing ok.

Dixie - Cool! Thanks for giving it a read. Did you notice that I kept a lid on dialog attribution?

Nat - So far, this is place is only a single hangar. Unfortunately, it's in my office.

Scott - I do understand. Thanks for dropping by. I do software development, so I meet the egos of the world.

Mr. Schprock - Roots = Good. I hope to instill that in my children!

Trevor Record said...

I think the thing with blogs is, the more you adverise them the less people want to go to them. I mean, just try going to some ones blog and asking them to visit yours - they never will. The best way to increase the number of people coming is to have people recommending it, I suppose.

PS: The word verification box says "willy" right now. That is sort of funny.

Toni Anderson said...

ooohh--job sounds good!!!
Hope boss approves.

Shame people didn't stay to comment but it is interesting about how people are captivated to read something. The old adage about having to hook people with the first sentence or forget it. Or with the cover blurb, or cover (for a book). Not that your first sentence isn't excellent--you know what I mean :)

LOL--I saw the other Scott and thought you'd finally decided to change the avatar!!

Ok--need sleep. We went to the school carnival last night, kids were late in bed, still woke me up twice in the night and up at 6 something. DH didn't hear a thing and went to work before they got up and I was comatose all day!

Dixie Belle said...

LOL! Yes, Scott, I see you didn't use any animal noises.

Beth said...

I feel like a Trevor groupie, but I agree with him. I visit blogs and leave comments about the story, not about them coming to see me.

I'm a self-admitted skimmer. I only put it full time reading with the classics.

I first was published online in my 20's. I know from experience that the people who were most helpful were those that were most critical. Unfortunately most writers don't really want to hear the critiques of it all ... just the glowing reviews.

Scott said...

Trevor - Agreed. Other bloggers have to find something about you they like all on their own.

Toni - I know exactly what you mean. My story starts with a bit of a mystic sound that could scare people off. I thought about starting with the second paragraph instead.

Dixie - Sweet. I did a lot of studying, and I've learned a lot since.

Beth - I can promise you that I'm not one of those people that don't want to hear critical feedback. I'm looking for it. I enjoy the glowing review just as much as anyone. Mr. Schprock was kind enough to offer me some corrective suggestions, and so to the Toast-man-cometh. I don't have a writers group like I did in California. Jason is very good at offering a little good and bad too. Dixie did the same for my Played Out story, although I didn't go back and work out the kinks. I learned a lot about writing from her one comment, and I read authors with a more discerning ear. Some of my old favorites I can't stand anymore.

Sadie Lou said...

I have been putting your story off until I could give it the proper attention. I have a nasty habit of speed reading during the day and I don't want to do that to one of your best efforts.
I plan on reading it tonight in just an hour or two--I'll comment in the comments for the story.