Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup Day

Tee-ball got rained out, but the sun came out on Sunday. It was World Cup day. My team represented Italy in the parade. The Jamaicans actually wore Marley dreadlock wigs. I did indeed step in as coach for three twenty minute games. The first game was against what I have considered the best team in our league. They have one kid who plays two years ahead of his age. Once he gets in the open you can just add one to their score. We lost five to two. The kids were disappointed, but I told them honestly that I was very proud of them. They played so hard that the ball was mostly lingering on the other side of the field. Were it not for their star player and his breakaways, it would at least been close. I could have made it closer by playing one of the kids back as a preventative measure. Ooops. Forgot.

The next game we won and the kids loved it. For some reason, one of the girls on our team became inspired by the soccer spirit and scored three goals all on her own. The last game was a tie. We had it wrapped, but some kid that was no bigger than my two year old ran circles around everyone and rifled the tying shot into the net.

Not a bad way to end the season. I don't want to brag, but here I go. The only other game we've won all season was the one I coached. The team that beat us five to two this weekend was the team that earlier in the season completely dominated, scoring in the teens, prompting the coaches to add another player to our side in the hopes of slowing them down, which it didn't. That's why I told the kids that I was proud of them. They played tough and made a great team work for it.

My son was a whiz on defense.

Today I am chaperone to Jackson's kindergarten class at the zoo. Tomorrow I'm a full-timer.


Flood said...

There really is a dignity in losing when you know you played hard and well.

I've never been to the zoo. Do the monkeys really play with their own uhhh 'stuff'?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Have a blast at the zoo. Well, not literally (re Flood's comment).

magnetbabe said...

They may have been a loss and a tie on the scoreboard, but they sounded like personal victories for the kids. Good job.

Moni said...

Way to go Scott, you actually got them to play?!

You and your boy have fun at the zoo!

Kathleen said...

Oooh, the Zoo! That reminds me that I still need to write about my trip to the Zoo back in April. I even have pics!!!

And I think you deserve to brag about your winning (sort of) record!

Bailey Stewart said...

Brag away, you deserve it. Flood is right, there's no shame in losing a well played game.

Dixie Belle said...

T-Ball. That reminds me of the old days. Wait until you get into the vicious world of Little League!