Thursday, June 08, 2006

Love Is In The Air

You have to stop by MagnetBabe's blog and read her engagement story (Scroll back down a post to see the ring.) That's right, I said engagement. So congratulations are in order.

Miranda is also getting married, and has a baby on the way. She has been so kind as to show us some pictures of herself in the full bloom of her pregnancy.

Welcome to the club you two!

Wow, huh?


Beth said...

Scott, you haven't posted in my blog. Did the Johnny Cash offend? I'm seriously asking.

I know my little story was well written, so that couldn't be it. Haha.

mr. schprock said...

Yes, marriage is a fine institution. I've been married for 20 years and haven't regretted a single day.

That day was June 12, 1995.

magnetbabe said...

Awwwww! Thanks scott. And congratulations, Miranda! Much health and happiness to all three of you!

Bailey Stewart said...

Congratulations everyone.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Scott. Two more blogs added to my list of reads. I've left comments for them.

Flood said...

I think blogger is going wonky again. Maybe it disliked me disparaging it.

I was just gonna ask if Oct-Nov was particularily cold last year since there seem to be a lot of babies on the way.

Moni said...

Congrats to both the ladies. I'm God bless!

I'll stop by the blogs later.


Scott said...

Beth - See my comment on your blog. I loved that picture of Johnny Cash. How could you think that offended me?!

Mr. Schprock - A day that will live in infamy. Wait, I mean. Oh, you know.

Nat - Of course!

Eve - Thanks!

Kat - That was nice of you.

Flood - Yeah, ease up. You really whacked blogger yesterday. And yes, last year it was, as they say in NE, wicked cold. Hmmm....

Moni - Hello!